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Big Brothers Big Sisters is having fun

July has been a fun month at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Colorado.

We have gone horseback riding twice and had our very own Archaeoastronomy Night Sky Event at Chimney Rock on July 13. These were BBBS sponsored events so there was no charge for participation. We work hard to have educational events that are also entertaining to adults and children alike and our July activities fit the bill.

Dave and Sam Cordray of Saddle Up Outfitters offered the horseback rides at no charge so the children could experience Pagosa Country the way it was first discovered, on horseback. All riders enjoyed the beautiful mountainous country off of Piedra Road on a ride that lasted over two hours. They sponsored our horseback rides last year and they are offering one more in August. They also share their great knowledge of this area with the riders in a way that you do not even realize you are learning. What a wonderful way to enjoy our mountains!

Chimney Rock Interpretative Association allowed BBBS to have our very own Night Sky Program on Friday July 13. Joan Mieritz, Ray Jones and Ron Sutcliffe generously donated their time and expertise to make this an amazing night for all who attended. Ray was our astronomer and unfortunately, it was cloudy and we were unable to view the stars, but the night was fun and educational nonetheless. Joan shared with us the history and geology of Chimney Rock as we walked up to the top and Ron talked about the relationship between astronomy and astrology and what we can see and relate to in the night sky. We learned when we can see our birth constellations and what the Ancients may have seen as they positioned their kivas and living quarters in such a specific way. It was an amazing opportunity to be able to be at Chimney Rock, walking up the same trail as the Ancient Ones and to do this at night with experts who shared their knowledge of the history of the area. We are grateful for this experience!

All of these activities were made possible by the Pagosa Ranger District of the United States Forest Service. Without their permission, we would not be able to do any of these events. The Forest Service here has always been strong supporters of BBBS and we appreciate all that they do for us.

Big Brothers Big Sisters is always looking for volunteers to positively impact the life of a child as well as having fun doing it. Simply put, we keep kids in school, out of jail and off of drugs. We have proved that mentoring works.

Please join our team at BBBS. For more information, contact Maggie Ives at 398-0007.

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