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Transcendence — beyond ordinary experience

On Sunday, July 22, the Pagosah Unitarian Universalist Fellowship service topic will be “Transcendence,” presented by Pauline Benetti. 

Benetti comments, “What is it? In common parlance it has the sense of ‘going beyond’ ordinary experience.”

Pauline points out that Joseph Campbell said. “To begin to understand, study poetry and learn how to read a poem.”  Or, she adds, “Perhaps it is the moment when one grasps the grandeur, mystery and wonder of the world.  Or the awe inspired by human creativity in music, art, drama or ritual.  The list goes on.”  Aided by members of the congregation, Benetti will explore what “going beyond” our ordinary experience means to each of us.

Pauline Benetti is currently president of the Pagosah UU Fellowship, a member of the Worship Committee, supporter of Move to Amend and a major contributor to the Pagosa Fiber Festival. 

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