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Henry Gordon, cowboy, and more

Henry Gordon died at the age of 101 in Pagosa Springs during May of 1934. He was the prototype Hollywood cowboy. Henry was born 12 miles northwest of St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 30, 1832. As a teenager, he worked on the railroad between St. Louis and Kansas City. Later he lived in the Indian Territories (Oklahoma) and still later drifted to Texas where, as a cowboy, he became associated with the O’Neal and Keith families in Erath County. In about 1873 or 1874, in company with the O’Neals, Keiths and others, he drove a herd of longhorn cattle along the Old Pecos Trail to Cimarron, N.M. While camped at Cimarron, the entourage lost cattle to Jicarilla Apaches camped in the vicinity. In 1877, the group again moved west and located near Cedar Hill, N.M. When the O’Neals homesteaded on the Pine River near today’s Bayfield, Gordon lived with them. In 1886 when the O’Neals moved to Pagosa Springs, Gordon came along and proved up on a homestead north of town on the west side of Pagosa Peak. A creek running through the homestead is named Gordon Creek. He lived on his homestead 48 years. Oldtimers who remembered him told me in his waning years Gordon rode a mule to town and left it at a stable then located at the pie-shaped corner separating Lewis Street from Four Mile Road. Henry Gordon never married.

David Lowenstein, among the earliest pioneers in the San Juan region, was born at Tochan, Austria, on Aug. 13, 1846. He came to the United States at the age of 13 living first in the St. Louis area, then moving to Denver in 1861. A few years later, during the 1870s, he moved to Lake City, Colo., where he married Fanny Rapp in 1883. During the succeeding years, the couple moved from Lake City to Silverton, from Silverton to Durango, and to Pagosa Springs in 1900. Family legend says they rode into Pagosa Springs on the first train to reach the town on the newly-built rail line from Pagosa Junction. They opened a clothing store under the name Lowenstein and were also active in civic affairs. David Lowenstein passed away during April of 1921. He was survived by his daughter, Hortense.

Mrs. Fanny Rapp Lowenstein was born Sept. 23, 1861, in New York City and passed away Aug. 15, 1919, in Pagosa Springs. She came west in 1882, locating with her brother, Dr. Rapp, in Lake City. In Lake City in 1883, she married David Lowenstein. During the same year, she moved with her husband to Silverton where they resided for six years. The couple then moved to Durango where they stayed for seven years before moving to Pagosa Springs in 1900. At her passing in 1900, she left to mourn her loss her husband, daughter Hortense, brothers Dr. Samuel Rapp, Doctor David Rapp and Abraham, and a sister, Mrs. Helfer.

Louis D. Goodman, whose name adorns the front of Pagosa Spring’s oldest continuously active mercantile store, was born Aug. 4, 1890, in St. Louis, Mo. On Oct. 8, 1922, he married Hortense Lowenstein of Pagosa Springs. The couple made their home in Pagosa Springs while operating the store. They are the parents of the late David Louis Goodman who also operated the store throughout his life time. Louis D. Goodman passed away in January of 1962.

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