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Provide the lyrics, win a great prize

As I look at this picture, I think to myself, in light of recent developments, perhaps I should have eaten what is on top of the hat instead of wearing it. Oh well, too late now!

The latest development in the “Battle of the Netherlands” is surgery, as well as various herbal remedies that I will tell you more about later.

We are working on a song to commemorate this event, but we need some help with the lyrics, so we have decided to have a contest for the best lyrics and we hope everyone will get into the swing of this and submit some suggestions.

The tune is “Bye Bye Miss American Pie” and the first lines are, “Bye Bye to my lower GI, they found the answer to the cancer but it makes everyone sigh.”

Will has some other lyrics but they may not be printable, so please help us out here. Just remember it has to be funny.

Once we have the entire song we might do a YouTube video!

Now, since this is a contest you might ask what the winning prize is. My friends, Mary and Don McKeehan are providing that. They have a successful printing business here in town, but times being what they are, they have started a side business to help make ends meet. They are doing colon cleanses in their garage for much less cost than some of the other places around town. I am not completely sure how they are doing it, but I know it involves a ping pong table and a garden hose. It is recommended that you bring your own garden hose, but that is not required. I am certainly going to endorse everyone getting their colon cleansed.

The McKeehans are also researching colon flossing as an added service. We all know flossing anything is also a good idea, so I am desperately hoping they get the details of how to do this worked out.

Please get behind this effort because we need these lyrics and if you win the prize it is freely transferable to anyone you think deserves it more than you do.  Also feel free to put my picture up on your refrigerator as a reminder to step up your colon cleansing regimen. This is as important as changing the oil in your car, and Mary and Don could use the money.

So please put some lyrics on Facebook. it is probably best if you don’t think about them too much – just throw them up there!

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