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Music Boosters gets new name, new goals

It’s “Curtains Up Pagosa!”

So says Bill Stine, president of the 23-year-old organization formerly known as Music Boosters. The new name of the long-established organization that has funded many important arts projects in the schools and has provided college scholarships since its inception in 1989, offers the organization some wiggle room to expand its goals and organizational direction.

“The name, ‘Music Boosters,’ described a group whose original purpose was to provide scholarships for college-bound students who planned to major in music. It made sense twenty three years ago,” says Stine. “But a lot can change in 23 years.”

The organization has grown and has made its mark in the arts in the schools in many ways. Some of its contributions include purchasing a beautiful grand piano for the high school auditorium, providing a salary for a school music teacher one year, helping to provide funding to build the high school auditorium, providing band instruments, teaching supplies, costumes, lighting, sound equipment, private music coaching — all this in addition to college scholarships that the organization has awarded almost every year since its beginning. The group also offers support to students who are pursuing the visual arts, including a scholarship for a student who plans to major in film.

“The old name is somewhat limiting and no longer describes the organization’s true purpose and goals,” says Stine. “In truth, when you get right down to it, it is all about the kids,” he said. At a recent all-day board meeting, board members brainstormed about the direction the organization should be taking, whether or not the name fit those goals, whether the mission statement adequately describes the group’s purpose. “What we determined is that it is time for the organization’s name and mission statement to be updated,” he said.

The new name, “Curtains Up Pagosa!” brings a very positive, forward-looking definition to the new mission statement, “Strengthening youth through the performing arts and adult volunteer mentorship.”

“We currently have six students who are receiving four-year college scholarships,” says Stine. “We are committed to these students and their success as they pursue careers in the arts. We also enjoy following up with them and encouraging them as they continue their careers. One of our scholarship recipients who recently graduated from college came back and volunteered to play in the ‘Cinderella’ pit orchestra.”

Curtains Up Pagosa! will continue to bring high-quality musical theater productions to the community, such as its recent offering, “Cinderella,” as a means of funding the many important projects it supports, and as a means of teaching and mentoring young people.

“We also plan to increase the level of tax deductible community giving, business sponsorships, offer more fundraising events, and pursue gifts through grants, so that the organization can maintain the financial stability it needs to continue its mission for the next 23 years,” says Stine.

Curtains Up Pagosa! will continue to encourage adults to volunteer in mentoring youth through the arts. Every adult volunteer that works with Curtains Up Pagosa! has as love for young people and a passion for the arts. Each understands and appreciates the important human value the arts can play in the lives of these students. Whether the student decides to pursue arts as a career or enjoy the arts as a lifelong passion, Curtains Up Pagosa! will continue to have an impact on the lives of young people for many years to come.

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