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May ‘freedom’ always be our cry!

Yesterday was the Fourth of July, Independence Day; the birthday of the United States of America. The Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 236 years ago.

Many of us have taken this great holiday for granted. We all must remember the great sacrifices that our Founding Fathers, including women and children, made so that we today can have the freedom that we enjoy. The signers of the Declaration of Independence, many of whom were quite wealthy, were willing to sacrifice everything for freedom.

How in the world could a bunch of untrained farmers defeat the world’s most powerful army, the British? One of my favorite paintings is the one portraying General George Washington kneeling in prayer in front of his grey gelding in the snow at Valley Forge. Thousands of young volunteers died that cold winter, but somehow the Continental Army, under the leadership of General Washington, rebounded and defeated Britain’s King George, and the greatest country that has ever existed was born.? It simply could not have happened without the providential intervention of God.

Yesterday, there were parades all over the country, and we raised our flag in salute to the independence of the greatest and freest country that has ever been, a democratic republic, the United States of America. The freedoms that those early patriots fought and died for are slowly eroding as we Americans allow the government to become larger and larger. Freedom came to us through great sacrifice.? It was not free, and neither is the maintenance of that freedom. Will Americans take our country back this fall by electing those who will sacrifice everything for freedom, or will we continue along the path of slavery to a bloated bureaucracy? Are we willing to demand that this country remain, “for the people and by the people,” and make the effort to see that it happens?

I grew up on the La Plata River south of Hesperus on the Colorado-New Mexico state line. My family didn’t have a lot of money, and on the Fourth of July, we were usually trying to get our hay harvested before the monsoon rains. We didn’t have the time or money to go to one of the celebrations in the area, but after dark it was our family tradition to have a wiener roast, and my mother would read the Declaration of Independence. I am so glad that she did that because that helped a young family realize what the Fourth of July really means. The education of our children about our country is sorely missed at home as well as in our schools. I am resolved to continue that family tradition of reading the Declaration of Independence today, when sons and daughters-in-law and grandchildren get together. How about you?

We cannot afford to let this great country slip away. We must sacrifice today to save our freedoms for tomorrow. This country is not great because of a big government, it is great because of tough and independent individuals and families that demanded self-responsibility. May “freedom” always be our cry!

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