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RIP brings roller derby to Pagosa

After months of planning, Rollergirls In Pagosa (RIP) will bring the sport of women’s flat track roller derby to Pagosa Springs.

Nationally, the sport has spread like wildfire, with over 450 registered leagues in 2010. Saturday, June 30, at 7 p.m., roller derby is here.

Skaters with RIP have been training for a year and a half to compete against other regional roller derby leagues. They have put in long hours on and off the track. While the physical demands and conditioning required by this challenging sport are time consuming, there are also the organizational demands of creating a sports league and nonprofit corporation. For the past year, RIP has been working hard to find a local venue for their sport that meets the space and event requirements, in the hopes of bringing a home bout to its fans in Pagosa.

After multiple meetings with public officials and other community members, it was clear that the only available and feasible venue for a regulation roller derby bout was a school gymnasium. Once again, RIP was met with ”no,” as the rigors of roller derby were too much for gymnasium floor.

Not willing to leave their dream unrealized, Maddie Beserra, Sariah Ellsmore and Mara Koch decided to take matters into their own hands. The only foreseeable way to bring roller derby to Pagosa Springs was to provide flooring for the event. The three RIP skaters purchased over 9,000 square feet of used portable sport court flooring. Beserra, Ellsmore and Koch will be skating on the flooring, as well as renting it out to others in an effort to promote roller sports in the Four Corners area. This flooring will also be available to other members and organizations in the community.

“It is exciting that our team will now be able to skate in our hometown and that this flooring will be available to other organizations who want to hold events in Pagosa. This is an example of how anything is possible with enough hard work and dedication,” says Ellsmore.

RIP will be skating on the portable sport court flooring for their upcoming debut bout on Saturday, June 30, at the Pagosa Springs Middle School gymnasium. After a year and a half of training, their dreams will finally be realized, as they battle 4 Corners Rollergirls on the track.

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