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Pagosa Farmers Market begins July 7

A farmer’s market in Pagosa!

Between a short season and poor soil, who could grow vegetables in Pagosa?

That’s what they said six years ago and guess what? There is a thriving Farmers Market in Pagosa.

Start date for this year’s Farmers Market is Saturday, July 7. Time is from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., and the market will operate every Saturday through Sept. 29. Same location — east end of the Ponderosa parking lot, halfway between downtown and uptown Pagosa.

So, what’s to be found at the Pagosa Farmer’s Market? Quite a variety, which, naturally, changes as the season goes on. Growers operating their own booths will offer a full range of freshly harvested vegetables, as well as baked goods, jams, pestos, tamales, salsas, cheeses and a wide selection of cuts of naturally raised beef.

Easy enough to shop for lunch, dinner or a snack on Saturday morning at the Pagosa Farmers Market.

But it doesn’t stop there: There are also select purveyors of non-food items — for example, locally made facial and skin products and fiber products made from local raw fiber (wool, alpaca, mohair, angora, etc.) through yarn to finished products (scarves, hats, etc.).

Nor does it stop there. Market organizers strive to include a special treat each week, whether it be local musicians, demonstrations of Aikido, art classes for kids, cooking demonstrations or just yummy food.

The Pagosa Farmers Market is a great introduction to the town, local residents and local products, and it is the only way for consumers to know where their food is coming from and under what conditions it is produced.

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