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In Memoriam-Dave Pearson

Dave Pearson

11/1/1938 - 6/8/2008

It has been four years now since my Dad passed away. I think of him often and pray for him and other loved ones almost daily. So many things I do remind me of him. It is because of him that I love the mountains. We camped often when I was growing up. My Dad is the reason I learned to fish, camp, hike and appreciate the mountains. He taught me to respect the outdoors and the wildlife. I have fond memories of trying to keep up with my Dad’s long strides as we all took a hike to a lake. I remember wearing his giant waders that had a leak to go fishing in the willows with him and my brother.

I think when someone passes, it is very important to keep the fond memories close and try to let go any that are not as special. Hopefully when a person passes, you have learned from some of the mistakes and carry on the memories that are special. When I go to the mountains now to hike or ride the ATV, I remember my Dad and the places he took us. I miss him still.

Terri Beaton

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