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St. Patrick’s Shamrock Quilt raffle tickets on sale

The women of St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church have once again produced a beautiful quilted work of art, a queen-sized comforter with matching pillow shams, that will be auctioned at St. Patrick’s annual Shamrock Festival on Saturday, Aug. 11. (You do not have to be present to win.) Raffle tickets are now on sale and available in the church office or from many of the members of St. Patrick’s. Tickets may also be purchased at the women’s annual bake sale in front of City Market, Saturday, June 16, where you can purchase homemade goodies for Father’s Day along with your raffle ticket. The price of the ticket is only $5 each or $10 for a book of 12 tickets. Proceeds from the quilt are divided among church outreach programs, such as the church’s food box program, Pagosa Outreach Connection and a variety of local non-profits.

The annual quilt raffle has been a longtime tradition of the church women, a work of love that requires many hours of cutting, sewing, and carefully piecing together the many individual pieces of cloth. If all the tickets are sold, the quilt will bring in $5,000 towards parish outreach.

“We have met that goal every year since I have been here,” says Fr. Doug Neel, rector of St. Patrick’s. “The women in our church are very, very dedicated to this special contribution and work diligently to create this unique offering. I always hope that this will be my lucky year to win!”

Purchasing a quilt raffle ticket not only grants the purchaser the opportunity to win the beautiful quilt, it guarantees that the money they spend will go towards helping people in our own community. You cannot get a bigger return for your money than that. For more information, call St. Patrick’s at 731-5801 or go to

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