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Living life on the front page

Now I know how Seinfeld felt when his show was a lot about nothing. These articles are a lot about nothing, but it’s about life in Pagosa, and it’s our life, and it seems like they get around.

This week, a friend whispered to our daughter, Allison, “I read your mother’s article about your Dad’s teeth.” Then he went on to say, “It’s like your family is living their life on the front page of the SUN news.”

When she told me, I said, “Wow! I hadn’t thought about it that way. I thought I was working on my writing skills. I send an article to the newspaper, the newspaper prints it, people read it and they encourage me to write another one.” I’ve exposed Sweet Al, and I can’t take any of it back. It’s too late. Life gets around.

“Do these stories really happen? I read about your Dad and his teeth.” My one daughter was asked by a coworker.

She answered, “Yes, they are all true. I told my mother about my Daddy and I told her not to write about it and I’m mad about it. She shouldn’t have done it.”

When she told me the conversation, I said, “Well, your Dad was upset about it, too. But he got over it.”

Our other daughter, from California, called this week. She was talking about her Dad’s suitcase. Do you remember reading the article “All of Al’s Good Times were in his Suitcase?” It was about the garage sale finds in California? The big orange suitcase that was stolen in Albuquerque? He bought all that stuff, like Bondo, WD-40, car polish and a bunch of half-filled cans of who-knows-what and brought them home on the airplane in that suitcase. Someone stole his suitcase and all of his good times. Well, the story goes on.

When our daughter called, she said, because of the address on her Dad’s suitcase, she got a notice from the airline about his suitcase. It was inspected on his last flight and they discovered his finds and the airline will be on alert when he takes his next flight. They are watching him on the terrorist’s watch list. He could be carrying a bomb.

Great. That’s all we need, they will pick him up for sure. It was bad enough with his knee replacement. Every time we flew, he set off a signal, got frisked, and went through the x-ray machine and, an hour later, we passed through inspection. How could my Al be a terrorist? Apparently they don’t know my Sweet Al. I think next time I’ll fly solo.

My market coach, Mikey, said to me, you’ve made Al famous. Go to Google and type in Sweet Al. I did. It all happened because we have been living on the front page of the SUN news. The SUN news gets around. Great, now Google is talking about my Al.

After the Bible study on Friday, I told the ladies I needed to meet Al for fish. Although I’m tired of eating fish, Al’s got this thing about making our little date and eating fish on Fridays. Does it have anything to do with our religion? No, it’s because there is a fish special on Fridays and Al can’t pass up a good deal. The funny thing, I meet more people I know on Fridays than any other time of the week. We always say, Pagosa is a small town, you never know who you will bump into; better have your hair combed.

Last week at church, when all was quiet, I broke into a snort laugh. Everyone looked up and I put my head down and pretended to be praying. When we got in the car, Al asked me what that was all about. I told him, “Well, I was praying, I looked down and I noticed your shoes. I looked at them again, then I followed the black line around the left one, then I looked at your right foot; there was no line. I examined it closer, only to find you were wearing two different shoes. How did you get out of the house like that? I told you, you have too many pairs of tennis shoes; you won’t believe me.”

Al said, I’m glad you didn’t point it out to anyone while we were in church.

I told him I was tempted, but I wouldn’t do that. I was actually thinking, I’m saving it for another newspaper article. Again, it’s a lot about nothing, but it’s about life in Pagosa.

Apparently, we are living life on the front page of the SUN news. That gives me another idea. I was wondering what I was going to do with 200 articles about nothing but life in Pagosa, which have appeared in The SUN. This will be a great title. I’ll turn all those articles in to a book and call it, “Living life on the front page of the SUN news”. Scott Miller, you get the credit for this great title.

I forget the ramification, I forget who’s listening, I just have to tell it. Apparently, I don’t have enough sense to keep my mouth shut. How could I? These stories are always too good not to write about them.

Final brushstroke

My poor Sweet Al, he definitely is a saint to put up with me and all of this stuff. I look at him at times and think, You have the most beautiful heart. I wished I could be more like you. But then, who would write about him. This is life in Pagosa and you can always read it in the SUN news.

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