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Cards of Thanks

Parent Volunteers

As the school year draws to a close, parents came together to provide a baked potato bar for the staff at the elementary and middle schools.

The parents who provided items for the buffets were: Mary Cocke, Marianne DeVooght, Ronnie Doctor, Cindi Galabota, Kim Hunt, Jan Lewis, Marcy Lewis, Stacey Lewis, Aubrie Limebrook, Tasha Murphy, Carole Nasralla, Jessica Peart, Dawn Robel, Kristen Roth, Lisa Scott, Barbara Simpson, Ginger Smith, Misti Smyth, Kellie Stevens, Tim Taylor and Michelle Ziegler.

Volunteers are a key component of a successful school. Parental involvement in a child’s education will help enhance student achievement. Thanks to every parent or guardian who has given of their time or talent to assist with any activity at the school this year. Your dedication is greatly appreciated.


Last October, I was honored to be the recipient of a flag that had flown over the U.S. Capitol on May 30, 2011. On Friday May 25, four very special gentlemen from the American Legion Post 108 Honor Guard raised that same flag over the Archuleta County building for Memorial Day weekend. Jim Haliday, Jim Huffman, Raymond Taylor and Roy Vega arrived Friday morning dressed finely and fittingly for the task at hand. A beautiful rendition of “Call to the Colors” was played and the flag was raised. Frank Martinez lowered the flag to half mast on Memorial Day.

I am one of those people that get teary eyed during the National Anthem, flag raisings and pretty much anything patriotic. I come by it naturally. My great aunt, Belle Marie Elliott, was a Navy nurse out of San Diego during WWII. One memory from my childhood is the American flag that was raised and lowered daily in front of their home. When I was a teenager, a light was installed and the flag flew 24 hours a day. Once a month it was checked to make sure it wasn’t ragged, frayed or worn. She instilled in each generation a sense of pride and respect for our country and in the symbols that represent our freedom. The American flag, the bald eagle and our National Anthem, were a few of the things she held highly. I had already made arrangements with the American Legion Post 108 Honor Guard to raise the flag when I saw last week’s cartoon on page 2 of The SUN, honoring the nurses of WWII. As the flag was raised I said a thank you from my heart (with teary eyes as usual) to my aunt for her service to our country and her lessons to her family.

To that end, thank you to Jim Haliday, Jim Huffman, Raymond Taylor, Roy Vega and all the veterans here in Archuleta County and across the world for your service to our country and the lessons you continue to teach our families.

Natalie Woodruff

Pine Ridge

We at Pine Ridge would like to thank Don and the Restoration Fellowship Church for the donation of a new motorized chair for Rod Tunnel. To see his face and appreciation was priceless. Thank you so much for your care and the generosity you show to Rod and other residents here at Pine Ridge Extended Care Center.

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