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SCCC realigned, adopts new model to better serve students regionally

Southwest Colorado Community College (SCCC), a division of Pueblo Community College (PCC), has adopted a new approach as an academic center of excellence to ensure its educational services serve the needs of the region’s students in a sustainable way. As part of this approach, SCCC will organizationally realign to capitalize on its strengths and available resources in a single administrative division that will allow the division to survive and thrive going forward.

SCCC operates from multiple sites that provide the sole source of two-year education for the southwest Colorado service area. It is an essential part of the community and has the potential to fulfill its mission to meet the needs of the area and its residents through this realignment.

Today’s economic environment for students and higher education requires the college to think creatively to find new ways to provide the educational resources needed for southwest Colorado. The new model will:

• Provide quality, sustainable programs that serve the region.

• Erase the physical boundaries of the SCCC geographic locations.

• Integrate with all of Pueblo Community College, both administratively and academically.

Pueblo Community College has been moving toward a flattened organizational structure to promote continuous improvement and high-performing teams throughout the college. These same principles have been applied to SCCC to create a new structure that pushes additional resources down into the organization to support faculty and staff. The new structure:

• Eliminates the dean level positions at SCCC East and West.

• Creates a single executive dean of SCCC.

• Will look to eliminate other positions where there is a duplication of efforts, which have led to inefficiencies and unintended competition for resource.s

Cindy Mihelich will serve as Interim Executive Dean of SCCC. Over the summer, Cindy will lead faculty and staff to develop a set of goals for SCCC based on the PCC Strategic Plan, and propose a new administrative structure for SCCC.

The following principles guided the decision to realign SCCC and will continue to be used as a guide as the college develops this new structure for SCCC:

• Serve students in the region with a sustainable model.

• Provide coordinated, integrated services for all SCCC sites, eliminating competition between sites for resources, and removing duplicative services.

• Remove barriers for the staff to be successful in developing and implementing programs and procedures while promoting creative thinking and innovative leadership.

• Establish sustainable, high-performing teams.

• Provide resources to articulate and develop quality programming that focuses on the academic areas that serve the needs of the region and can be sustainable.

• Within the multiple educational sites of PCC, build on the inter-dependence of PCC.

• Look to the community to help build quality programs and address niche markets (i.e., career and technology, transfer programs, concurrent enrollment, tribal communities).

• Provide resources to help sustain and grow SCCC (e.g., HR, student services, student mentoring, academic liaison).

• Pueblo Community College’s operating structure is that of a centralized model vs. decentralized. The college as a whole must work together regardless of where located and supervision can be from a remote location.

All changes will take effect immediately and will help the college to fulfill its mission to meet the needs of the area and its residents.

Founded in 1933, Pueblo Community College is a premier teaching institution focused on providing academic and service excellence to help its students acquire the 21st century skills needed to better their lives. An educational and technological leader, PCC fosters economic development and utilizes strong partnerships in the communities it serves through its Pueblo, Fremont and Southwest campuses.

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