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You won’t believe it — it finally happened

You’re probably thinking, “Yeah, yeah, sure, sure.”

It’s true, “Spirit of the Red Candle, a journal of Mary Magdalene” by Betty Slade has been released. It is a self-published endeavor.

You have been there, when you heard someone talking about her boyfriend and she goes on and on. She wants you to meet him, but she never brings him around. She promises she is going to introduce him to everyone someday. She never does, and you start thinking there isn’t a boyfriend. She just wants everyone to think she has one.

This is how I am sure you are thinking about this book I wrote and spent six months editing, promised it for Christmas, soon came March, now it’s May, and it’s here. I’ve gone on and on about it; Al is tired of hearing about it, and I am sure you are, too. You were probably thinking, there really wasn’t a book. She has built up this fantasy in her mind, or she just wants everyone to think she can write a book.

This book is better than a boyfriend. It’s going to keep you warm and fuzzy; it will tuck you into bed at night; it’s going to give you something to dream about; and you won’t be able to wait to turn to the next page. It’s going to delight you, thrill you and make you cry. Here I go again, promising you something else. And you’re thinking, “Yeah, yeah, sure, sure.”

When I finished editing the last two chapters, I pushed the button, and I had a hardback copy of Spirit of the Red Candle, journal of Mary Magdalene. I have a paperback and an e-book, also. I have a website where you can get details and actually read the first chapter of the book. Hopefully by the time you look at the website, the movie trailer is up. It’s in the making as I write. I even have some promotional offers. If you don’t believe me, go to my site, or my site and look at it. The sites are still being tweaked, but the book is ready to go.

I painted 38 watercolors of the characters, which are in the book. I have been writing a book on how I sold my first 2,500 books as a self-published writer. Of course, I haven’t yet, this book has just been released. But I have been documenting all the frustration, drama and pain in getting this book ready to be published and how I have been social marketing to support this claim. In case you want to write and publish your own book one day, I will be an expert on how to do it.

My market coach, Mikey, says, “After people become successful, then they write a book telling how they did it. I want you to document every thing that you encounter along the way, so they understand the depth of what it takes to become successful. Other writers who want to write, who do not have the means to make a book, or the knowledge how to market it, they will be encouraged by how you did it.” I have a website, It tells how an outrageously self-published writer is doing it.

This is one of the biggest feats in my life. I am a novice when it comes to writing a novel, marketing it and actually getting it out into the marketplace. I will be having a book signing in June for the locals and you kind souls who have heard about this book for the past year. You have listened to me go on and on.

I had to scrap a lot of my first ideas which I thought were delightful, but because it wouldn’t go into a novel, I made them into snippets for another time. There will be a companion book with this one, called “The Author’s Journal”. I will be writing a book about the book, what inspired me and why I wrote it. It should come out end of summer. There I go again, making promises.

Now, I need to go put a smile on my Sweet Al’s face. He has picked up the slack this past year. He needs to feel warm and fuzzy, and I need to tuck him into bed for a change, and he needs to dream about that Kubota tractor he’s going to have one day. I’ve been up at three in the morning and gone to bed at eight at night. I’ve missed family outings and sporting events. There have been so many things that I put on the back burner. Al asked me the other day to put my hand around the vacuum handle and see if it still fits.

If you talk to people who are successful, someone has to pay the price for their success. My family surely has done this for me, so I could pursue my dreams. There have been so many of my friends here in Pagosa and other places who helped me along the way. There is an acknowledgment in the book with your name in it, but so many of you, like Cecil Touchon, literally walked me through, step by step, teaching me how to use Bill Hudson actually introduced me to Cecil through e-mail. My Bible Study group has prayed and prayed and listened to all the ups and downs with this book. Karl Isberg, my good friend from The SUN, is reading it and endorsing it. You, the readers, have indulged me with all the nonsense. Thank you so much.

Final brushstroke

There is actually a book, believe it or not. Since I am not conventional, I had a press release ready to go, but it felt too formal. This will be my press release.

Artist’s quote

“Unless in the first waking moment of the day you learn to fling open the door wide back and let God in, you will work on a wrong level all day; but swing the door wide open and pray to your Father in secret, and every public thing will be stamped with the presence of God.” Oswald Chambers


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