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Music Boosters to present ‘Cinderella’

What happens when a mother, who also is a queen, sets aside all objectivity and begins to meddle in her son’s life? Well, the result is perhaps not exactly what she initially has in mind, but the ultimate result is the fun-loving, magical tale of “Cinderella.” Music Boosters will present Rodgers and Hammerstein’s charming musical version on the Pagosa Springs High School stage June 29 and 30, and July 1, 5, and 6. “Cinderella” will feature a talented cast of some of Pagosa’s favorite actors, as well as a few who are making their Music Boosters debut.

In the story of “Cinderella,” the queen (played by Anne Price) tires of waiting for her son (played by Jarret Heber) to find a royal mate. Over the king’s (Kurt Laverty) objections, she takes it upon herself to give a royal ball, inviting every eligible young maiden in the kingdom. Though, for most young men, this sort of party might have some rather pleasant potential ramifications, the prince wants to find true love on his own terms and, in spite of the prince’s adamant objection, the queen’s wishes win out. The royal ball is announced to the villagers by the royal steward (Max Miller), and takes place as scheduled. The result of this wide-sweeping wife search is a rather hilarious display of awkward princess wannabes all vying for the hand of the most eligible bachelor in the kingdom.

Of course, Cinderella, the most beautiful eligible maiden (Johanna Laverty), is being held captive as a house servant by her selfish, mean-spirited stepmother (Katrina Thomas). The nasty stepmother dreams of one of her own daughters (Brooke Hampton and Sasha Santa Cruz) winning the hand of the prince. These spoiled, ill-tempered daughters are less than charming, though they have been convinced by their mother that they are each princess material. Thanks to the interference of the somewhat wacky Fairy Godmother (Darcy DeGuise), the lovely, sweet-natured Cinderella is magically transformed from her house servant rags into beautiful princess garb, complete with glass slippers. She is taken to the ball in a royal carriage (formerly a garden pumpkin) pulled by magnificent horses (formerly mice), and escorted by a footman and a driver (formerly doves).

As in all fairy tales, there is a complication in the scenario. Cinderella is told that she must be home by midnight or all bets are off. The beautiful gown will revert back to its original state of rags, the royal carriage will return to its pumpkin status, the escorts will fly away, and the horses will become mice. Obviously, this would not make a good impression on the handsome prince, so it would behoove our dear Cinderella to pay attention to the time. Cinderella, having made a very positive impression on the prince and being completely distracted by true love, forgets the warning and flees the ball as the tower clock strikes 12, leaving one of the glass slippers behind.

The poor steward is tasked with the unpleasant task of trying the shoe on every eligible foot in the kingdom. Fortunately for Cinderella, none of the maidens wear a size seven, and she wins the prince by default. A close call, indeed, but as in all fairy tales, the “good guys” live happily ever after.

The story, of course, is a classic and a favorite of most children. Rodgers and Hammerstein spice it up with beautiful tunes and lyrics — the kind that stick in our minds and demand to be hummed. Waltzes such as “Ten Minutes Ago I Met You,” love songs, such as “Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful,” along with Cinderellas’s sweet song of fantasy, “In My Own Little Corner,” punctuate this endearing tale. There are also delightful songs such as “The Stepsisters Lament,” “Impossible,” and “The Prince is Giving a Ball,” that highlight the humorous qualities of the characters.

“Cinderella” will be directed by Production Director Dale Johnson and Music Director Sally Neel. As with all Music Boosters productions, “Cinderella” will be accompanied by a talented instrumental ensemble made up of local Pagosa musicians. Music Boosters, whose mission is to strengthen youth through performing arts and adult volunteer mentorship, carries on its 23-year tradition of bringing fine musical theater entertainment to the public in this not-to-be-missed production of “Cinderella.”

Tickets are $15 (adults); $12 (seniors 65+), and $10 (students), and will be made available online through Brown Paper Tickets ( and at the Chamber beginning June 22.

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