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Weed inventory training offered for volunteers

Weeds, often called the “biological wildfire,” are a threat to ecosystem integrity.  Even in the best of conditions, they are a challenge to control.  When noxious weeds enter wilderness areas, the task of controlling them is even more difficult due to the remoteness of wilderness and the inability to use mechanized or motorized tools. 

The first step is to identify where noxious weeds are invading the backcountry. The Pagosa Ranger District is looking for volunteers to help the forest service inventory weed infestations in the Weminuche and South San Juan Wildernesses and the Piedra Area, and will hold two weed inventory trainings for those who are interested in helping.

 The first training will be held at 1 p.m. on Tuesday, May 22. Meet at the Piedra Trailhead located off the Piedra Road approximately 10 miles from U.S. 160. 

 The second training will be held at 1 p.m. on Thursday, June 14. Meet at the Piedra Trailhead.

 From the Upper Piedra trailhead, the session will move to a nearby location to conduct weed identification training and instruction on how to record the data and information needed for the forest service weed inventory database.  Volunteers are welcome to bring their own GPS units. Trainers familiar with many different types of GPS will be able to provide training for many different types of units.

 For more information, contact  Rosalind Wu, San Juan National Forest Pagosa District at 264-1529, or

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