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Dreams come true with Music Boosters’ ‘Cinderella’

Music Boosters has entered rehearsal mode to bring another dazzling, dreams-come-true fantasy to life with their early-summer production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “Cinderella.” This charming version of “Cinderella” is set to be performed in the high school auditorium on June 29 and 30, and July 1, 5, 6 and 7. The cast has been selected, the orchestra has begun rehearsals, the songs, lines, dances and blocking are being committed to memory, and the sets are beginning to be transformed from the drawing board to reality.

There is a sweetness and sentimentality to this musical that is reminiscent of childhood innocence, taking us back to those precious days when “make believe” was the world in which we, as children, lived and played. Sadly, as adults, reality sets in and our cynical nature takes over. After all, we all know that Fairy Godmothers transforming us from the rags of our humdrum lives and allowing us to realize our true “inner elegance” is just a bizarre fantasy. And who, in real life, is able to reel in “Prince Charming” at a ball by simply walking into the room and is invited by said handsome dignitary to dance the night away, as if we have been waltzing every day of our lives? “Cinderella” invites us to play along, to imagine and to go beyond the impossible. As the Fairy Godmother sings, “Impossible things are happening every day!”

Music Boosters has taken an active part in making dreams come true for the past 23 years through its outstanding musical productions, through its mentoring of young musicians and actors, and through its scholarship program for students who go on to major in the arts.

“Nothing is impossible when working with kids,” says Production Director Dale Johnson. “They surprise and amaze us every day as they continue to step up to the plate and bring more to the shows than we adults ever imagined possible.”

Music Boosters also touches the lives of the grownups who volunteer to be a part of the productions. Many adults who have not graced the stage since their younger years have discovered a newfound joy in participating in Music Boosters productions. Being on stage, singing, dancing, laughing and creating characters has returned many adults back to their days of playful fantasy and has allowed them to re-enter the world of make believe.

“It’s fun!” says Johnson. “The adults really feed off of the energy and joy of the younger actors and quickly become absorbed in the magic of theater.”

Such is the nature of Music Boosters productions.

So, mark your calendars, plan to bring guests and enter into the world of “make believe” as Music Boosters brings yet another outstanding summer production to our community. “Cinderella” will make you want to dance the night away. And, who knows? Maybe your impossible dreams really can come true!

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