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Cafe Fox decorated and open at The Den

The anticipation of the grand opening of Cafe Fox was overwhelming for me and probably the staff, too, due to my anticipatorioussness of the event (I love to make up words).

I had been working on this project in my head for just about two years; I was way overdue to make it happen.

Following a great training with other fellow nutrition directors in the state, I came back to Pagosa Springs from Montrose with a great vision — naming the dining room.

Just exactly what to name the dining room was another story, but one thing I did know was that it was time for change.

I called my program coordinator before I made it back to town and shared this great vision with her and the challenge that stood before us. What will we name the dining room? Jodi quickly had an answer; “Cafe Fox” she said!

Over the past several months, with the help of the gals, Jamie and Carol, at Treasures of the Past, I began collecting items for our walls that had a bit of an antique theme. Rob found a few more last-minute items and we were ready to go.

I summoned the help of our maintenance department to get this task completed properly; surely I would smash my thumb with a hammer or hit an electric supply if I tried this on my own. We were barely started and Frankie was already strumming the washboard and singing songs. Next thing I knew, he had an old basin in his hand telling me how his grandma used to make tortillas in one just like it. Someone else thought he was holding a bedpan. Hmm.

Chris thought I was nuts with how I wanted to hang the ends of the cantaloupe crates, but being the gracious guy that he is, he put up with me, nailed them up, stood back, and agreed it looked good. We encountered a little crisis (isn’t there always one?) while putting up the letters Cafe Fox, but in the end, the crisis needed to happen, because the end result was a cute little fox, which is our dining room logo, strategically placed between the two words. Thanks for making that work, Chris.

The walls are now lovingly adorned with some great conversation pieces and my favorite, the ol’ dinner triangle. I’m tempted to take it back down to use just before we serve. Perhaps an old cow bell could take its place on the wall?

Not only are the walls talking to us from the past, they are also exploding in action with Rob Gaston’s Navy photographs during his deployment on the USS Enterprise.

The grand opening was a success with many smiles and stories; my feet hurt, but it was well worth it.

Come enjoy the new ambience at Cafe Fox while taking a trip down memory lane and enjoying the art show.


Investment scams: don’t bite!

As surely as the market swings up and down, every year thousands of people lose millions of dollars to investment fraud. There are the warning signs to heed and resources available to help keep your savings safe.

Phony investment brokers are masters of deception who make their living with convincing sales pitches that are “too good to pass up.” The “sure-thing” promise of a big, fast return should always raise a big, red flag.

In addition, be wary of:

• Unsolicited calls or emails offering investment opportunities — a contact you didn’t ask for is most likely a conversation you don’t want to have.

• The hard sell. If you feel pressured to “act now,” walk away — a legitimate investment will still be there tomorrow, and,

• Any offer you don’t fully understand. Your questions should all be answered clearly and completely.

Bottom line, do the proper research on anyone looking to make an investment for you. To ensure they are fully licensed and in good standing in your state, here are two easy-to-use resources:

• BrokerCheck — — a free online tool provided by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, and the

• hotline at (888) 295-7422.

Recognize, Refuse, Report. AARP ElderWatch is here to help. Call Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-4 p.m. at (800)222-4444 or go to

Special events

Medicare 101. Are you new to Medicare and lost or confused by all the literature you have received? Do you know what portions you need to enroll in, A, B, C or D? What the heck are all those letters anyway? Did you know you are entitled to certain free services? Well, we have the answers for you in Medicare 101.

Join us for this very informative session on Monday, May 14, at 10:30 a.m. Registration is required; please call us at 264-2167 to sign up. All you need to do is bring an empty head because we are going to fill it up!

Baby/Young Child Photo Contest. Bring in your favorite photo (of yourself), and we’ll make a copy of it for our, “name that baby/young child photo contest” in June! We’ve got a little bit of a pile going; keep ‘em coming.

The Kennedys. An eight-part series. Twentieth-century America’s most storied political family gets the epic treatment in this miniseries that spans three decades of Kennedy history. The chronicle begins with Joseph Kennedy Sr.’s power plays and ends with his son Bobby’s assassination. Cast: Greg Kinnear, Barry Pepper, Katie Holmes, Tom Wilkinson, Diana Hardcastle, Kristin Booth, Ava Preston, Rachel Wilson, Serge Houde and Jonathan Whittaker. The showings began Friday, May 4, and each Friday through May 25 we’ll show two episodes at 1 p.m. in the lounge of The Den.


We are in need of someone that would like to volunteer in our small library about a half hour every week or two to assist our lead library volunteer. We are in need of help re-shelving books, checking them back in and general tidy help. Please call Musetta at 264-2167 for more details.

Come to The Den and check out our library. We have quite the collection of books, including some large print, as well as books on tape/CD, videos, DVDs and audio tapes for you to borrow.

At your service

Not driving anymore? Car in the shop? Get to where you need to go; door-to-door bus service is available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday to seniors age 60-plus. Suggested donation is $2 per day. Come hang out with us and enjoy our company. Call for details, 264-2167.

Food delivery

Are you struggling to get meals prepared because you are homebound, recovering from surgery or an illness? Let us do the cooking. Enjoy Senior Center meals delivered to your door. Our hot meal home delivered program is available to those closer to town 4 days per week, and frozen meals for Thursdays and weekends. For those living further out of town you may be eligible for the frozen meal program. Meals are available to people age 60-plus for a suggested donation of $3 per meal. Give us a call at 264-2167 for further information. Donations are greatly appreciated.

Weekly activities

Friday, May 18 — 10 a.m. Stitchin’ in the Kitchen; 12:30 p.m. Gym Walk, 1 p.m. The Kennedys, episodes 5 and 6.

Monday, May 21 — 12:30 p.m. Gym Walk; 1 p.m. Canasta.

Tuesday, May 22 — 12:30 p.m. Gym Walk; 1 p.m. Meditation For Healing.

Wednesday, May 23 — 11 p.m. blood pressure checks; 1 p.m. movie — Dr. Weil: Healthy Aging.

Thursday, May 24 — Closed.

Friday, May 25 — 10 a.m. Stitchin’ in the Kitchen, 10:30 a.m. Book Club; 12:30 p.m. Gym Walk.

This week’s menu:

Suggested donation for older adults age 60-plus is $3, guests $6, kids 12 and under $3. Our meal program is partially funded through the Older Americans Act via the San Juan Basin Area Agency on Aging, United Way, Archuleta County, Town of Pagosa Springs and other donations and grants. These funds help support the cost of the meal which is approximately $11.51. Please note our menu is subject to change. The salad bar opens at 11:30 a.m. with lunch served from noon to 12:30 p.m.

Friday, May 18 — Grilled ham and cheese on whole wheat bread, homemade tomato soup, salad, banana slices with orange juice.

Monday, May 21 — Oven-fried fish, steamed brown rice, creamy coleslaw with pineapple, glazed carrots, wheat roll, bread pudding.

Tuesday, May 22 — Homemade hamburger on whole wheat bun, lettuce and tomato, potato salad, baked beans, jello with fruit.

Wednesday, May 23 — Chicken fajita, whole wheat tortilla, lettuce and tomato, cilantro rice, pinto beans, tossed salad, red grapes.

Thursday, May 24 — Closed for administrative day.

Friday, May 25 — Birthday lunch: spinach lasagna, Italian vegetables, salad, Italian bread stick, chocolate cream pie with banana slices.

Arboles meal program

Lunches are served in Arboles on the first and third Thursdays of each month, weather permitting, in the basement of the Catholic Church. Reservations are required the Monday preceding. The suggested donation is $3 for age 60-plus. Call 264-2167 for more information or to make a reservation.

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