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4-H offers recycling to Pagosa Country residents

The county 4-H program offers two opportunities for county residents to participate in recycling efforts.

All 4-H Clubs have been recycling aluminum cans for years, and your cans can be brought to the Extension Office any time at your convenience and placed in the recycling location on the south side of the building in the corner adjacent to the building’s south entrance.

Cans that are collected are taken to City Market for the aluminum recycling price. The six 4-H clubs rotate on a monthly basis, taking the cans uptown. The money received from the recycling center is put into the 4-H Council treasury for the benefit of the entire 4-H program.

The 4-H Club Wolf Creek Wonders began the program to recycle rechargeable batteries last fall. Boxes to dispose of your recycled batteries can be found at five locations: Ace Hardware, Ponderosa Lumber, Radio Shack, Sisson Library and Verizon. Look for a small brown box with signs. Drop your recyclable items in the box and 4-H members will collect them monthly.

Collected batteries are then individually bagged by 4-H members, put into a shipping container and mailed to Call2Recycle, which processes the batteries in compliance with U.S. Department of Transportation safety procedures. A huge thanks goes to these businesses for allowing the collection boxes to be placed at their locations.

Keeping batteries and cans out of the landfills, reusing some materials that went into making them and cutting pollution is the goal of the 4-H recycling programs. Archuleta County 4-H offers opportunities for everyone in the community to recycle aluminum cans and rechargeable batteries.

Both recycling services are offered year round and we encourage all county residents to bring rechargeable batteries and aluminum cans to the designated locations. Help 4-H and help our environment.

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