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Pagosa pioneers often made a long trip to the San Juans

Our notes on Pagosa’s pioneers continue this week with the following:

Lulu Baldwin Crouse was born in Ohio during June of 1881 and passed away at her home near Pagosa Springs in February of 1941. She married George W. Crouse at Piqua, Ohio, in October of 1898. To this union were born Paul Eugene, Robert Earl, Worthe V., and a daughter, Mrs. J.E. Garvey. The family moved by covered wagon to Pagosa Springs in 1908.

Robert Earl Crouse was born July 4, 1901, at Edgarton, Ohio. He moved by covered wagon with his family to Pagosa Springs in 1908 and remained in Pagosa Springs until 1919, when he moved to Aztec, N.M. A blacksmith and mechanic by trade, he served two terms as Archuleta County Sheriff. He passed away in 1975. He had a brother, Worthe V. Crouse and a sister, Mrs. Roy Etheridge.

Sarah Russell was born in Bourbon County, Kans., in May of 1882 to Mr. and Mrs. William Russell. She came to Archuleta County in 1898 and married Pet Crowley of Pagosa Springs in July of 1903. She passed away in November of 1956.

Pet C. Crowley was born in Palo Pinto, Texas, March 16, 1878, and died in Dallas, Texas, in December of 1954. He came from Texas to Archuleta County in 1902 driving a herd of 300 cattle. Pet lived on the Navajo River and was a successful cattle rancher. In July of 1903, he married Sarah Russell. To this union were born Asher Crowley, Everett Crowley, Mrs. Harry Eaklor, Olen Crowley, Irwin Crowley, and Mrs. George Shahan.

Charles Dee Davis was born June 5, 1888, to Samuel Eugene and Sarah Jones Davis at La Jara, Colo. The family traveled by wagon across Elwood Pass in 1889 and settled on Devil Creek, three miles from Dyke. He passed away in October of 1962.

Charles Day passed away in Cortez in May of 1948. A printer of the old school, he was born in Martinsburg, Iowa, and came to Colorado in 1881, to Pagosa Springs in 1904. He was editor and publisher of the Pagosa Springs Journal and the Pagosa Springs New Era. He served two terms in the state legislature from this district. His sons were Paul and Kenneth Day.

Mary Ellen McMillan, “Grandma Day,” was born in Hagerstown, Md., March 17, 1836. She moved with her family to Keokuk Country, Iowa, and there married Abraham Day. Shortly after the Civil War they moved to Kansas and in 1881 moved to Silverton, Colorado. In 1901 she moved to Pagosa Springs where she died in 1919.

Arthur Livingston Decker was born March 31, 1876, at Altoona, Penn. At the age of 9, with his parents Mr. and Mrs. R.R. Decker, he started West. In 1895, he moved to Wray, Colorado, and on April 16, 1914, he married Mrs. Bertha G. Huff. They had two children, Paul A. of Pagosa Springs and Mary C. Aicher. In 1920, the Decker family moved to Pagosa Springs and purchased a ranch formerly owned by Welch Nossaman, the county’s first homestead. A.L. Decker passed away March 20, 1958.

Peter A. Deller was born at Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1850, a son of Peter A. and Elizabeth Deller. In 1872, he came to Colorado, first living in Denver, then in various mining districts, the last being Platoro before coming to Pagosa Springs in 1890. For a short time he was proprietor of the San Juan Hotel. Later, he became associated with C.H. Freeman in a meat market and the stock business. He died in February of 1910.

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