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Shots fired downtown, suspect jailed

A Pagosa Springs man is in custody following a shooting incident downtown on Sunday morning.

Tony “Marvin” Lujan, 49, is being held in the Archuleta County Detention Center on various charges — including criminal attempt first-degree murder — for allegedly shooting at a man at Plaza Liquors, located at 511 San Juan Street.

According to Det. Scott Maxwell of the Pagosa Springs Police Department, officers were dispatched to Plaza Liquors at approximately 10:20 a.m. Sunday to respond to a report of shots fired.

Upon their arrival, the officers learned a man had fired several shots at the location, including at least one shot inside the store, but a witness at the scene reported that no one was struck by the shots, Maxwell said.

Maxwell said the intended victim reported he was walking with a female companion (both parties are 33 years old) near the alleyway adjacent to the 600 block of San Juan Street when they were approached by Lujan, the female’s ex-husband.

The woman had a restraining order against Lujan prohibiting him from contacting her, Maxwell noted.

Lujan then allegedly attempted to pull the woman into his vehicle, prompting the male victim to intervene. Lujan reportedly struck the woman during the confrontation, Maxwell said.

“A confrontation took place between the man in the vehicle, who was Tony ‘Marvin’ Lujan, and the woman. The male party intervened and the two men began fighting,” Maxwell explained. “The fight was broken up and the victim and the female began to walk away, at which point the suspect reportedly attempted to run them over with his vehicle.”

Maxwell reported that the two victims ran off the hill to Plaza Liquor, where, a few minutes later, Lujan reportedly showed up in his vehicle.

At that point, Maxwell said Lujan allegedly got out of his vehicle and opened fire on the male victim, who ran into the store, reportedly pursued by the suspect.

Lujan fired at least one shot inside the store before fleeing the area, Maxwell said.

The female victim fled the scene to the nearby Sonoco gas station, while the male victim waited at Plaza Liquor for law enforcement to arrive.

Maxwell said numerous officers from the PSPD and deputies from the Archuleta County Sheriff’s Office participated in the investigation of the event and search for the subject — an effort helped by the fact that the entire PSPD force was on duty at a firing range at the time of the incident.

A short time later, at approximately 11:30 a.m., Maxwell reported that Lujan turned himself in to the ACSO.

A handgun that was reportedly hidden by the subject was recovered.

Maxwell said Lujan is facing charges (via the arrest affidivit) of criminal attempt first-degree murder, criminal attempt second-degree kidnapping, third-degree assault, and violation of a protection order. Because of Lujan’s relationship history with the female victim, Maxwell said all charges are also domestic violence charges.

Charges are expected to be filed against Lujan on May 9.

During Lujan’s advisement hearing Tuesday morning, Deputy District Attorney Alex Lowe indicated that charges filed on May 9 will likely include the attempted murder charge with the caveat that it was a crime of violence — a sentence enhancer that would increase prison time should the charge reach conviction and sentencing.

After being advised of his rights on possible charges by District Court Judge Gregory Lyman, Lujan was asked if he had any questions. Lujan began to state, “I know I’ve been found guilty ...” before being cut off by his attorney, Kenneth Pace, of the Durango Public Defender’s Office, who immediately requested an opportunity to speak to his client.

After returning from the meeting, Lujan’s bond amount was discussed, with Pace reserving his comments on the matter until he was more familiar with the case (he had only met Lujan that morning, immediately prior to the hearing).

Lowe, however, argued that the DA’s office held concerns about possible retaliation based on Lujan’s history with the victim, as well as concerns of Lujan reoffending.

As of presstime Wednesday, Lujan was being held in the ACDC on a $100,000 cash surety bond.

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