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Forest road openings announced

The Pagosa Ranger District and San Juan Public Lands have released an updated list of Forest Service road openings and closures.

Roads are seasonally closed to protect road surfaces, as well as public safety. Roads remain closed until most of the road surface can withstand traffic without damage. They are open to non-motorized uses, including bicycling, hiking and horseback riding.

The following roads are now open for the season:

Burns Canyon 649 (to second gate), Devil Creek 627 (to State Wildlife Area), East Toner 637, Echo Canyon 029, Eight Mile Mesa 651, Fawn Gulch Road 666, First Fork 622, Jackson Mountain 037, Kenney Flats 006, McManus 633, Middle Fork 636, Monument Park West 630, Nipple Mountain 665, Plumtaw 634, Snow Ranch 628, Turkey Creek 647, Turkey Springs 629, Valle Seco 653 (to private property), West Fork 648 and Williams Creek 640 (from gate to Williams Lake).

The following roads are still closed:

Black Mountain 661, Blanco River 656, Blue Creek 012/Big Branch 664, Buckles Lake 663, Burns Canyon 649 (above second gate), Castle Creek 660, Devil Mountain 626, East Fork 667, Falls Creek Road 039, Fourmile Road 645, Lefthand Canyon 024, Lower Piedra to Campground 621, Monument Park East 630, Mosca 631, Price Lakes 731, Snowball 646, Trail Ridge 639, William Creek 640 (to Palisades HC) and Poison Park 644, Willow Draw 722 and Wolf Creek Road 725.

All campgrounds in the Pagosa Ranger District are closed at this time. Williams Creek will be closed for the duration of the summer for dead tree removal.

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