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Saving the planet one tree at a time

In February, Mr. Bob came in the Butterfly Classroom at Seeds of Learning and started talking about the environment.

He started with the book “The Lorax,” then read other stories about our environment.

The children were very interested in this topic and wanted to start doing some experiments concerning our environment. They put litter in a container and filled the container with clean water. They watched the water turn milky white and then get a film on the top of the water.

The teachers and children discussed what was happening to the water on a daily basis.

The children are now saving all the seeds from their fruit to plant at home. They have great plans about what they are going to plant in their garden this summer at Seeds.

Mr. Bob bought 30 trees from the Forest Service and asked Jesse Jones, a Forest Service employee (and, more importantly, a dad at Seeds), to help us plant them. That was the best day ever.

The Butterfly Classroom at Seeds of Learning is saving the planet one tree at a time!

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