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There for his girls, his girls there for him

We have two daughters who live in Pagosa.

One daughter is involved with anything and everything to do with sports and sports activity. Since she can’t say no, she has a way of wrangling the whole family into helping her with these activities.

Sweet Al can not say no to her either. It doesn’t matter what the task is, she calls and her Daddy is there to help her. Al lives his life to serve and love his family.

Allison called, she asked her Dad and our other daughter if they could meet her at the junior high school. She had a “little job” to do.

Of course they could, they can’t say no to her, and she can’t say no to the Booster Club.

Afterwards, our other daughter came walking in the door, laughing.

I asked her what was so funny,

“While we were waiting on the group to come in, Daddy was sitting at the table and had his teeth in his hands, examining them closely.”

“What? What was your dad thinking?”

“I don’t know, but Allison told him, ‘Daddy, put your teeth in your mouth.’”

“I can’t believe it. I’m glad he has you girls to take care of him. When I’m not around, you need to make sure he doesn’t do anything to embarrass us.”

When Al walked into the house, I asked him what in the world was he doing with his teeth out of his mouth?

“That tooth they fixed in Albuquerque had a rough edge, so I took them out to look at them.”

How did these days creep up on us?

I remember when we had an old senile dog who would walk into the corner and stand until someone noticed she was standing there and lead her outside. Is that what we are going to be looking forward to?

I hope not.

I am writing about these crazy moments while I can still laugh about getting old and all of this stuff. I have heard about old people doing these kind of things, but I thought this would never happen to us.

Well, apparently it is happening. We are all getting older and the things that once we would never do, we are doing.

There was a time when Al wouldn’t leave the house without his Florsheim wingtips polished, a starched white shirt, a good looking sharkskin suit and a beautiful tie. Al was the best ironer in town. The ironing board went up every morning, and he ironed what he would wear that day. Those were the days when he was top salesman, when the world was at his feet. Now he is retired.

The other day, our daughter and I were standing in the parking lot and Allison said with a smile, “Daddy is so cute in those red tennis shoes. I love them!”

I asked Al, “What are you doing wearing those red shoes?”

Al, who shares a shoe fetish with his girls, said, “I got a great deal on them.”

“I’m not surprised. Just wear them around the house.”

I’ve seen old men wearing things like bright pink and green plaid pants and a striped blue shirt and I think, “You must have left the house without your wife dressing you today.”

Anyway, for Sweet Al, his girls thinks he is as cute as he can be, but I am wondering, “When did we get here?”

So, for you who are younger, one day you might be sitting at the junior high school with your teeth in your hand, examining them. You probably will say it won’t happen to me.

I once said the same thing.

Final brushstroke: I’m not telling on Al, I’m telling on life! One way or the other, we will all have to live it. Hopefully, we’ve been good and faithful for enough years that they won’t leave us standing in the corner for too long.

Artist’s quote

“Humility does not mean you think less of yourself. It means you think of yourself less.” — Ken Blanchard.

Readers’ comments

Dear Betty:

I enjoy and look forward to your articles in the preview, it’s the best part of the newspaper.  I particularly identified with the last article.  I thought I was the only wife that was terrified with my sweet love driving. In fact, I now do quite a lot of the driving as a self defense measure.  He does the same thing — goes slow in a 65 zone and 65 on the curves on 84.  I do a lot of praying and thinking seriously about a crash helmet. 

Thank you for sharing your humor and your love of sweet Al.


Pat Kahn ( ex Victoria’s Parlor and gift shop)

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