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Working together to build a unique creative community

So, you think people in Pagosa don’t know how to work together?

Well, you’re wrong.

The Pagosa Arts & Culture Project is bringing businesses, individuals and nonprofit organizations together to accomplish two things: develop a database of creative assets in the area; and promote Archuleta County and Pagosa Springs as a center where creative individuals and businesses can find a home, and as a destination for visitors seeking to connect with a unique creative community.

The board of directors of the Pagosa Arts & Culture Project include key leaders of a number of our community’s most respected arts businesses and organizations: FolkWest, Shy Rabbit, the Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts and the Community Development Corporation. Also on board are two individuals with extensive experience in the arts: Karl Isberg and Leanne Goebel.

These entities and individuals are combining their efforts and collaborating to strengthen the local economy and support creative industry, working together with the support of the Town of Pagosa Springs and the Archuleta County Board of Commissioners and staff.

Do you want to be one of the creative assets or cultural entities in the database? If so, tell us who you are and what you do.

Are you creative? A painter, a sculptor, a writer? Do you write music? Are you a member of a band? Do you make art that’s a little strange? Is your handcrafted item for sale around the world? Do you whip up lotions and potions? Are you a performer of any kind? Do you design landscapes, buildings, logos or fashion?

We can’t build a directory if we don’t have your information.

Go to the Pagosa Arts & Culture Project website and upload your information, including photos and a link to your website. These items will then be seen by anyone accessing the database, giving you exposure in a vastly greater market than you now enjoy.

The website is the first step to developing a database of local cultural assets. The PACP wants to include nonprofit organizations, museums, arts-related businesses and cultural entities as well as individuals. Help with the effort by uploading your information. The end result of creating this website is that we can begin to promote Pagosa Springs as a creative center.

Additionally, The PACP is developing a video that will highlight Pagosa area creativity — the individuals and organizations, the culture and our phenomenal environment. Got some great clips or photographic images? Contact Leanne Goebel at or call her at (970) 903-5272.

The video will be used to promote Archuleta County as the hub of creativity it is, and will help as we work to develop this area into all that it can be by attracting more arts-related businesses to locate here and more creative people to live the lifestyle we know and love.

The Pagosa Arts & Culture Project is currently funded by donations. The project has applied for grants and we are waiting to hear the results of those applications, but we need your help. Go to the website and donate. Every little bit helps, from $10 to $10,000. The PACP is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. Your donation may be tax deductible.

In the meantime, if you are an artist, a musician, a performer, if you engage in any type of creative pursuit, if you are a member of an arts organization — go to the website today and add your name and information.

Working together, we can build a creative haven and destination that will nurture and benefit us all.

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