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Swimming lessons for your child or grandchild

Swim lessons will again be offered this summer at the Pagosa Lakes Recreation Center during the month of June.

Water-based programming has always met with a big demand during the summer and, with school winding down, parents are planning enjoyable activities for their young ones, while also opening up the opportunity to acquire new skills.

Group lessons will be offered in 30-minute blocks, over the course of four days each week, between 10:30 and 11:30 a.m.

Classes will be taught by Heather Hemphill. Heather has been a swim instructor and coach for the past 17, years and is currently coaching for the Pagosa Lakes Swim Club. Contact Heather Hemphill at (303) 909-1008, or e-mail her at with your questions.

Heather’s philosophy is to teach swimmers to develop self-confidence in their swimming ability that leads to enjoyment of the aquatic environment. She will also teach students self rescue skills, and help them develop proper technique for recreational and competitive swimming.

Classes offered this summer will be for all ability levels and ages 3 and older. To help you choose the appropriate class for your child, here is some information about each level.

The Beginner Class emphasizes being comfortable in the big pool, pool safety, blowing bubbles, learning to float, kicking and going under the water. Please note the minimum age is 3.

Swimmers in the Intermediate Class should already be able to float on their own. Students will learn front crawl, elementary backstroke and backstroke. Swimmers will also work on treading water and jumping into the pool.

Advanced swimmers are able to swim short distances unassisted. Students will refine strokes and be introduced to breaststroke and butterfly. Swimmers will also learn to dive from the side of the pool.

Give your child the opportunity to learn swim basics or to develop swim team readiness. As research has shown, more than 65 percent of adults feel uneasy in water over their head.

As a longtime staff member at the recreation center, I have had the pleasure of being able to see first-hand the benefits of early exposure to water. These children, over the years in various age-appropriate aquatic programs, are comfortable and happy in the water. It would be a shame to not offer your child or grandchild this opportunity.

Demo class

This past Thursday night, the recreation center had its first “Demonstration Class” with seven instructors leading a free 90-minute class with approximately 35 people either participating or watching.

A special thank you goes to our group of talented instructors: Brent Christians (Spinning), Kelly Johnson (Morning Madness– power aerobics), Angela Wilson (Zumba),? Jessica Peart (Body Sculpting),? Elizabeth Howey (Pilates/Kettlebells), Kyle Rickert (Yoga), and Lynnis Steinert (Qi Gong). Since this demonstration session was so well received and created such enthusiasm, the recreation center will be running another in early summer. Stay tuned.


Pickleball — what is that? Come to the center and find out on Tuesday, May 1,?from 5:30-6:30 p.m. Fran Brown and Heidi Moller will put on an introductory demonstration for anyone who is interested in playing Pickleball. Join us for some fun.

PLPOA board session

The PLPOA Board of Directors will hold its monthly work session today, April 19, to discuss proposed changes to the Neighborhood Rules and Regulations.? The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. at the PLPOA Clubhouse at 230 Port Ave. ?Visit PLPOA’s website at see the posted meeting notice.

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