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Music Boosters elects new president

Pagosa Springs Music Boosters, a local nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening youth through performing arts and adult volunteer mentorship, has elected Bill Stine as its new board president.

Stine is a longtime Music Boosters supporter and active enthusiast who brings his entrepreneurial business experience and knowledge, along with his extensive experience with directing non-profits, to enable an exciting new vision and direction for the 23-year-old organization.

Stine is the founder and president of Quest Aerospace, Inc., a model rocket company located here in Pagosa Springs. Founded in 1991, Quest quickly became one of two leading model rocket companies. In 1995, he sold Quest to ToyBiz, Inc. and remained its president into 1999. In 2003, he reacquired Quest from Marvel Enterprises.

He not only is a businessman, he is also an educator who teaches teachers how to instruct their students through the use of rocketry. “It is very exciting to see students have the ‘Ah-ha’ moment, to see them get excited about science, math, and physics, to watch them launch new dreams and ambitions as they build and launch their rockets,” he said.

His love for the arts plays into his love for rocketry. “The arts inspire students to use their minds in creative ways; to think outside the box, to stretch their imaginations, to take risks and try new things. It is proven that students who are educated in the arts also make very good scientists and mathematicians. The arts are a natural and exciting connection to the sciences,” said Stine.

“I really believe in Music Boosters because it’s about the kids,” he said. “I have watched students grow and develop their skills, overcome their initial shyness, and blossom as performers and as individuals through their experiences with Music Boosters.”

In addition to his new role as president of Music Boosters, Bill currently serves on the board of directors of the Hobby Manufacturers Association and also serves on the rules subcommittee of the Federation Aeronautique Internationale Aeromodelling Commission. He is also a board member of the Eddie Oldham Foundation, which grants college scholarships to Pagosa youth who have been involved in 4-H.

Stine brings his extensive business sense, his love for kids and his “can-do spirit” to Music Boosters. He has many exciting new ideas to lead the board to creative new strategies that will help assure Pagosa Springs that Music Boosters will be around for a long time to come.

“I am so excited to take the legacy of Music Boosters, an organization that has been instrumental in bringing the arts to Pagosa students for the past 23 years, and guide it through new plans for the next several years.”

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