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Cards of Thanks


As I depart Pagosa Springs later in the month, I sincerely hope that I have left a legacy of community involvement. I credit the support of many organizations in making my tenure very enjoyable. I pass a sincere thank you to our Chamber of Commerce, the Town Tourism Committee, the Pagosa Springs Lodgers Association and the Pagosa Springs Real Estate Association. Our Aviation Venture Crew, sponsored by the airport, will continue with the leadership of Advisor Anne Kautzky. She has brought a wealth of experience, personal time and sincere career guidance to the young adult members of Crew 809. The Stevens Field Auxiliary with Deidra Fortier, well what would Friday be without her organizational skills. There are too many people to personally thank, but if I could I would.

Our county and town leadership must be commended. They truly have desire to make Pagosa Springs and Archuleta County a great place to live. My boss, Greg Schulte, is a great individual and personal friend. He has always been at my side when we propose programs to the FAA and CDOT Aeronautical. He is a great mentor and leader.

The community and friends of the airport are my best friends. I do give a very heartfelt thanks to my Airport Advisory Commission chairman, Mike Arbuthnot, Ralph Goulds, and the present chairman, Kaye Alfred. These chairmen are a key advisory group, not only for the county commissioners, but for my office as well. Chris Torres, airport maintenance man extrordinaire!

And finally, a big thanks to Terri, Shari, Randi, Mike and Karl at The SUN for their reporting and engagement in all airport activities, plans and programs and providing our community an understanding of what an airport can do for our town.

Bill McKown


Skills USA contestants want to extend thanks to all.

Leslie Kern and River Pointe Coffee Café for furnishing equipment and supplies; Genelle Macht, for the loan of equipment and donating supplies; Skills contestants and their parents, who helped set up, worked at the health fair and cleaned up after; Mrs. Guilliams, Skills teacher, for the organizing of the operation and helping keep us all working.

Thanks to the 9Health Fair committee for the opportunity to participate and their donation of supplies.

A thank you to all that came by the food booth for food and drinks, also all those who donated to our cause.

Thank you on paper is not enough, but thank you all anyway.

Jean Taylor, a former school worker, still at it

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