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County to detail road work

Want to keep tabs on road work happening within Archuleta County?

If so, two new features on the Archuleta County website will help.

County Administrator Greg Schulte announced Tuesday that the county has put the Archuleta County 5-Year Road Plan on the website in its entirety, as well as announcing that county staff will post a general Road and Bridge schedule to the site weekly.

“In the overall sense, we want to utilize the capabilities of the website to convey information to the public,” Schulte said, adding that interest in road conditions and maintenance has heightened over the years.

In addition to posting the road plan in its entirety on the website, Schulte said the county has posted a “layman’s explanation” of the plan — how to understand the plan and how the roads were prioritized within the plan.

Additionally, the four spreadsheets within the plan, where roads of different categories (asphalt reconstruction, chip sealing, crack sealing and gravel road reconstruction) are broken out.

The road plan covers capital improvements, not regular maintenance, Schulte stressed.

Additionally, because a road is the top priority is not a confirmation that the road will receive attention in any given year, Schulte said, explaining that what county staff is able to complete is dependent on funding.

For example, though Piedra Road tops the asphalt reconstruction priority list, the commissioners chose to skip budgeting for work on the road with Road and Bridge funding in 2012 because county staff is seeking federal help paying for the work.

Additionally, Schulte said, other variables control what work the county is able to complete in any given year.

The purpose of the plan, Schulte pointed out, is to remove some of the subjectivity in choosing what roads deserve work.

The second feature added to the website is a weekly schedule of what Road and Bridge crews are slated to work on.

Schulte cautioned, however, that work listed on the website is dependent on a number of variables, including weather and equipment availability (should equipment break down or be needed for an urgent situation, such as culvert repair).

Because of those variables, the county will list the crew schedules one week at a time, to be posted by Monday morning, Schulte said.

“We have our year planned out,” Schulte said.

The schedule is slated to include where in the county regular maintenance such as blading and magnesium chloride application is taking place, as well as what other projects are being worked on.

This year’s planned project is to construct a road and parking lot for county-owned property near Cloman Boulevard.

All features can currently be found on the county’s homepage, located at

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