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Wolf Creek Ski Area ends regular season setting records

It was a year of records for Wolf Creek Ski Area.

Earliest season opener — Oct. 8.

Record season attendance — 226,667.

Yet, with these records, season snowfall was significantly less than usual. As of the official end of season date, April 8, total season snowfall was 373 inches.

“It was a good year, but not as snowy as we would like it to be,” said Wolf Creek Ski Area vice president Roseanne Haidorfer-Pitcher, adding, “Usually, we have four hundred-fifty (inches), and normally we get one hundred-plus inches from March and April.”

Last year, Wolf Creek received 45 inches in March and 78 inches in April. This year, March saw a total of a mere 25 inches. During the first 10 days of April, the ski area received five inches.

“We’re still hoping we might see some snowfall for the rest of April,” Pitcher said, adding that if the quality of snow is adequate, the area might open up for another weekend.

“Overall, we’re happy about the season, but we’re ready to bring the skiers a little bit more if snow comes our way. If not, we’ll close down for the season,” Haidorfer-Pitcher said.˙

The early October opening started Wolf Creek’s season off with the momentum of the diehard skiers. That momentum lasted through the entire season, with Wolf Creek continuously boasting of the most snow in the lower 48.

Now, Haidorfer-Pitcher explained, the spring conditions have produced dusty and muddy snow which, if the area were to stay open, would require everyday grooming. And, with the unusually warm temperatures, Haidorfer-Pitcher said people aren’t rushing to the slopes. It’s now the time, as it was at the front end of the season, where the diehard skiers watch the weather, watch for snowfall. Pitcher said if Wolf Creek gets enough snowfall for a quality powder day, it’s those diehards who would hit the slopes. However, the ski area would only open for the weekend, to accommodate the work schedules of the late-season skiers.

With weather seemingly changing at the drop of a hat in Pagosa Country, Wolf Creek may open for another weekend or two.

“Plenty of times temperatures drop, and it’s like winter again. If that happens, we’ll open again,” Pitcher said.

If that doesn’t happen, the season ended on a good note. Last Sunday, about 600 people showed up to the slopes, with 50 children participating in the Easter egg hunt.

“It was a fun last day,” Pitcher said.

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