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PLPOA to hold demo class at recreation center

Group exercise programming upholds its reign of relevance at the Pagosa Lakes Recreation Center by continually providing members with unrivaled motivation, challenge and support.

Most people achieve their exercise goals faster — and stick with exercise longer — when they’re in?a social environment.

How so??

For one, group exercise offers fresh and intriguing options to people who become easily bored with the same routine. Secondly, there’s nothing like the encouragement and pleasure derived from working with your exercise buddies that keep members coming back for more.

?Group exercise programs at the recreation center are accessible to a variety of demographics, and it promotes wellness. You know, don’t you, that fitness is becoming a very important part of healthcare? There are still an incredibly large number of people in our community who can benefit from the healthy lifestyles facilitated by our recreation center and its cadre of experienced, certified fitness instructors. Maybe one of them is you.

The recreation center is putting on a free demonstration class that will incorporate a wide variety of disciplines — a sampling of classes currently offered. Each of the different instructors will lead the demonstration class for 10-15 minutes in a routine that highlights what they teach. You will walk away knowing which class (Zumba, Qi-Gong, Pilates, spinning, Yoga, etc.) you are excited to get involved with.

This demonstration class is scheduled for Thursday, April 12, from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Come prepared to participate.

Who should attend? Anyone who enjoys exercise en masse, likes social interaction and values trained instructors. In other words, almost everyone. And it is free.

Certification of our instructors helps ensure safety and quality instruction. These instructors also undergo continuing education that exposes them to ongoing innovations — allowing them to bring vigor and vitality to group exercise.

Call the recreation center at 731-2051 with your questions regarding this demonstration class.

Get energized — en masse.


Pagosa Lakes Property Owners Association boating and fishing permits are available now.

All it takes is one day with the right weather conditions for the lakes to open up.

As always, Hatcher Lake is taking a few more days for the ice to melt, but it should not be more than a couple of days until Hatcher is ice free.

Get PLPOA boating and fishing permits before you launch your boat or throw a line into the water on association lakes.

These permits are available at the temporary PLPOA administration office located at 46 Eaton Drive, during normal business hours — 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday — and at the Pagosa Lakes Recreation Center during business hours (Monday through Friday, 6 a.m.-9 p.m., Saturday and Sunday, 9 a.m.-9 p.m.).

If you have not had your trailered boat inspected by PLPOA staff in the last two years, the boat will need to be inspected prior to your receiving a permit to launch. Call 731-5635, Ext. 24, to set up an appointment to get your trailered boat inspected.??

Visit the PLPOA website,,?to see the boating rules and regulations and definition of high-risk boats that are not allowed on the lakes.?

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