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Farm Bureau meeting to address profitable use of land

Do we have anyone out there interested in growing their own food for their family?

Or might you be interested in adding some more income off the use of your land?

The local Farm Bureau is wanting to help out with the crunch we are all feeling and has an offer we hope you will be interested in and a meeting we hope you will attend.

Farm Bureau wants to provide you information on grants as well as other financial information.

Along the lines of raising your own food, we are having experienced people talk about how they add to their bank account and their family food stores. We have people scheduled to speak on how to raise chickens and sell eggs, how goats can add to your income, how you can raise an orphan calf, lamb or goat for meat for yourself or to sell. Learn about the Gypsy horse, mini Herefords, fruits and vegetables that grow well here in Pagosa Country. All of the subjects of our presentations will add to your income.

Our program is going to be April 14, at 11 a.m., at the Extension Building. We will serve some light refreshments. You will have time after the program to interact with the speaker to learn more about a project you might be interested in.

Farm Bureau members want to help local people who might be interested in providing more for themselves off the land they own. Some of the projects don’t take a large amount of land, so come see what we have to offer.

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