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The guy just doesn’t like The Kid

There has been a lot of talk in our family about football since my son-in-law said to me, “Did you hear about “your boy?”

The Denver Broncos are thinking of signing Peyton Manning for quarterback.

”Should we be surprised? I heard a newscaster say, “The guy just doesn’t like the kid.”

That’s what I’ve been saying all along. John Elway doesn’t see the potential in Tim Tebow. Of course, he was hugging Tebow after the playoffs, but Tebow’s career with the Broncos has always been up in the air.

John Elway said, “Tim Tebow’s a great kid, if I wanted someone to marry my daughter, it would be him.”

Well, Mr. Elway, that’s a fat chance. Don’t look for a son-in-law in Tebow now. You’ve shown your colors.

I told the family I was going to write an article about this.

They said, “It’s going to be a scorcher. Don’t mess with Mama Bear’s cub. She will go for the heart and lay it open.”

Maybe I am acting like a Mama Bear, but I was proud to be a fan of the Denver Broncos. Colorado was represented in the best light possible. They chose a man with moral character, convictions, a hard worker and someone who was willing to learn. He also got them to the playoffs.

As the weeks unfolded after I heard the news about “my boy,” the story became more ridiculous. Before the ink was dry, they were taking down Tebow’s pictures and hanging up Manning’s posters.

So, why Manning? He’s a great player; he played 13 years and sat out the last season with a neck injury. He is considered retirement age. He has signed a contract with the Denver Broncos expecting $96 million over the next five seasons.

My question is this: “Does he have five years in him for that kind of money?”

They are playing it safe, Manning gets $18 million guaranteed for next season, but must pass a physical before each season. Concerning the neck injury that kept him off the field throughout 2011, Manning said , “I’m not where I want to be. I want to be where I was before I was injured. There’s a lot of work to do to get where we want to be from a health standpoint.”

Elway asked Manning, “Is there any doubt in your mind that you can’t get back to the Peyton Manning we know of?”

And Manning said, “There’s no doubt in my mind.”

Well, of course he would say that. He was just about to sign a five-year $96 million contract. That’s no brainer.

Now the other shoe has dropped. Previously, Sam Farmer said in the Los Angeles Times, “It’s likely that Denver will trade Tebow as soon as possible, and in fact that might have been one of Manning’s stipulations for picking the Broncos. After all, considering Tebow’s popularity, Manning wouldn’t want the distraction of a segment of the fan base pushing for a quarterback change after a bad game.”

Even last year, John Madden said he thought it would be a mistake for the Bronco’s to get rid of Tebow. “There’s no way that I would not find a place for Tebow on my team, I would never get rid of him. I’d play him as a multiple receiver, tight end and fullback. They’re all the same guy — Tebow could be that guy. This won’t be the end of Tim Tebow. But likely we will be seeing a new beginning for him someplace else.”

I know the fans are upset for overlooking this diamond in the rough we had in our own back yard. I am. Why couldn’t Elway see the long range possibilities in Tebow? I remember seeing a documentary on Tom Brady. The 49er’s couldn’t see his potential. Brady lived in the San Francisco area and always dreamed of playing for the 49er’s. He was the diamond in their backyard. He wasn’t built like a quarterback. Pictures of him in his younger days showed it. He looked like a giraffe and he even ran like one. His college coach kept saying you need to sign Tom Brady, he is the hardest worker on the field. Tom Brady was overlooked completely. He was the 199th pick, in the sixth round. No one saw any possibility in him.

In the documentary, he told of that grueling moment waiting to be picked. He broke down and cried. He said he worked so hard and had done everything, but still was overlooked.

Brady said about himself, “I worked as hard in practice as I could so that I might get to play.” Other players took it easy during practice so they wouldn’t get hurt before the game. He had to wait for his chance. There is no question today about Tom Brady’s ability, endurance and sustainability and franchise.

We were all holding our breath, hoping Tebow would stay with the Broncos. He signed with the New York Jets.

I’ve heard people say about the Jets, “It’s a weak team. It’s not the best team for Tim Tebow. Elway owned Tebow, he could trade him to anyone he wanted to and he did.”

They say in the business world, there are two rules. First rule, whoever has the gold, makes the rules. Second rule, don’t count another person’s money. Apparently Mr. Elway has the gold and is making the rules and we can’t count his money.

Tim Tebow has shown a lot of class and great upbringing in how he has handled all of this.

Final brushstroke: I understand it’s just a game but $96 million doesn’t make it “just a game.” It makes it all about business. But I’m still rooting for Tim Tebow, a role model for our young men. I will follow him and the team who sees the potential in “my boy.” I guess green is my color now.

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