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Whatchamawhozits children’s theater to present spring play

On April 27 and 28, Thingamajig Theatre Company’s children’s theatre class, the Whatchamawhozits, will present their spring play at 6 p.m.

The Whatchamawhozit’s kids wrote a play in February called “Game Over” that they have been rehearsing at the Center for the Arts ever since. The story follows three kids who were captured by a mad scientist that created a “live” board game. The scientist shrinks the kids down and lands them on a pirate ship leaving their fate to the role of his dice. The kids manage to escape and move from square to square trying to find a way off of the board — landing on a shipwrecked island, in a jungle, in a secret agent’s lair and, finally, a castle where they encounter a witch who might be able to help them, if they navigate the tricky relationships in the castle.

“Game Over” is a wildly imaginative play with lots of fun characters that allow for each of the kids in the class to display their acting techniques and imagination.

Whatchamawhozits have been working on the script every Friday since Feb. 23 creating characters via fun acting games that explore the possibilities of character development.

The last play that Whatchamwhozits put on was “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,” in December.

Every spring, over a 10-week period, the class writes a play and performs it; in the fall the class works on a prewritten script and, in the summer, the Whatchamawhozits participate in a three-week camp. Last summer, they worked with professional actors from Denver to put on the Disney Musical “Jungle Book.” This summer, the class will work with the actors and singers from Thingamajig’s summer season to put on another Disney musical. “Aladdin.”

The summer camp starts on July 2 and runs through July 19 with a performance on July 21 for the public. The kids start by building a float for the Fourth of July parade that will eventually be used for their set. On the Fourth of July, they can ride in costume on their float.

Registration is now open for the summer camp. Early registration is only $300. Camp is from 9 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday, for three weeks.

Whatchamawhozits Registration forms are available online at

If you have questions, call the Center for the Arts at 71-7469 or e-mail Executive Director Laura Moore at

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