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Pagosa Arts & Culture Project wants to know about your creative work

Creative activity.

The arts.



Where do these things take place and what is the relation of place to the arts?

History shows us that distinct places are sites for unique activity in the arts — that great things happen in particular places at certain times.

How do these places come into being? Is it by accident or can people with energy and ideas make it happen?

How is it that a small group of artists move to a nondescript town such as Taos, N.M., and, years later, that place is renowned as an arts center? Why is it the same thing happens, on a bigger scale, in a place such as Santa Fe, N.M.?

The conditions must be right — people, environment, lifestyle.

How can it happen here in Archuleta County, Colo., and the town of Pagosa Springs?

And how can anyone interested in being a part of it happening find a role, play a part?

This is what we ask ourselves as we begin a process we believe can make this place one of those unique centers — a place for artists, artisans and musicians to do their work in an environment that welcomes and nourishes them; a place for arts-related businesses to locate, to prosper, to become vital parts of a community, a place for those who love the arts to visit and enjoy.

The Pagosa Arts & Culture Project will be compiling and identifying members of the Creative Class and creating a database and website to promote existing events, happenings, organizations and individuals that make this a special place to live and work.

But first we need to identify artists, musicians, designers, architects, filmmakers, photographers, fashion-makers, writers and more.

Go to our website, learn more about the project and let us know who you are and what you do.

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