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Marky: forever missed, but never forgotten

Typically, this column consists of the bare essentials related to the weekly operations of the town recreation department.

However, with the recent passing of Marky Egan, former recreation supervisor for the town, I feel compelled to deviate from the norm and share some personal observations regarding Marky’s contributions to the betterment of not only this department, but our community.

Too often in life, we must strain to uncover the true intentions and nature of a person. Such was not the case with Marky; she seldom diluted her opinion and was never ambiguous. When provoked, she could demonstrate — with alarming hilarity — how well she had mastered the lost art of telling people precisely how she felt about a particular situation, belief or person.

On occasion, some mistook her candor for disdain, but most appreciated it for what it generally was — an objective assessment devoid of the nonsense and fabrication to which we have unfortunately grown accustomed. She approached her responsibilities as a mother, mentor and citizen with the same straight-forward philosophy, and countless lives were enriched as a result.

Though she was heavily involved in numerous worthwhile causes, community initiatives involving youth were invariably her focus and favorites. A gifted coach and trainer, she had a unique talent for recognizing when a universal approach to coaching and instruction could be abandoned in favor of methods catering to individual requirement. This was especially evident when she welcomed opportunities to work with special needs athletes, and she often indicated such sessions were the most rewarding of her career.

Likewise, her tireless dedication to the town’s youth programs and its participants could never be questioned. A couple of summers ago, after a heavy downpour the prior night, I arrived at the baseball complex fully intending to call off that evening’s slate of games. The infields were the consistency of quicksand and covered with an inch or two of water, making it impossible to use siphons or buckets to drain the field of play.

But there was Marky, standing shin deep in the mire with a mud rake in one hand and a plastic soda bottle in the other. She had been there since daybreak, and though it would have been understandable to cancel the games and let the fields dry naturally, she was draining the infields — 16 ounces at a time — so we could try to stay on schedule. We did.

At the end of that evening, since she had been on the job from dawn until well past dusk, but showed not even the slightest sign of exhaustion, I jokingly asked her if she thought of herself as a “sunrise” person or a “sunset” person. She reflected for a moment as she pried her mud-caked boots and socks from her feet before climbing into her car. Then, with a sardonic wink, she responded, “I guess I’m just a sunshine person.”

After a valiant, 18-month battle with brain cancer, Marky passed away the morning of March 5 at the age of 51, and her absence has been palpable on a daily basis since. Though I cannot pretend to know the heartache of her three children, Shay, Devan and Erin, they can take comfort in the fact that they have been well-instructed in the ways of dealing with all of life’s future challenges.

Marky Egan was an exemplary mother, colleague and friend. She will be forever missed, but never forgotten.

Tee ball

The Town of Pagosa Springs Recreation Department will accept registrations for this year’s tee-ball league through April 13.

Any child who will be 5 or 6 years old as of April 1 is eligible to participate. Registrations are available at the recreation office in Town Hall and have been dispersed at local schools, as well.

Registrations are also available for download in Adobe format through the recreation department link at

Cost is $30 per player and $15 for each additional child in the same, immediate family who participates. The season is tentatively scheduled to begin the first week of May.

Coaches and sponsorships for this year’s tee-ball teams are also needed and appreciated. Cost for sponsorship is $150, which includes sponsor’s name on team uniforms, commemorative plaque with team picture, and recognition in media articles.

For more information, call the recreation office 264-4151, Ext. 231 or 232.

Sports hotline

General information concerning the Pagosa Springs Recreation Department can be obtained by calling the Pagosa Springs Sports Hotline at 264-4151 Ext. 301 or logging on to and going to the parks and recreation link.

All schedules and upcoming events are updated on a regular basis.

For any questions, concerns or additional information about any of the Pagosa Springs Recreation Department adult or youth sports programs, call 264-4151, Ext. 231 or 232.

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