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County clerk details Primary Election process

Archuleta County’s Primary Election will be a Mail Ballot (all ballots mailed), with Election Day being June 26, 2012. Please take note of this new date because voters are used to the Primary Election being in August.

Important dates to remember are:

• May 29 — Last Day to Register to vote for the Primary.

• June 4-8 — First day and last that Mail-In Ballots (Absentee and Permanent Mail-In) may initially be mailed.

• June 12-26 (excluding weekends) — Drop-off locations will be open to receive voted ballots.

Drop-off locations are the Clerk’s Motor Vehicle Office upstairs in the Courthouse and the Election’s Office, downstairs in the Courthouse.

• June 23 — The Election’s Office will be open this Saturday to receive voted ballots and issue ballots if necessary.

This is not Early Voting.

Ballots can only be issued in the Election’s Office.

The plan is to have the ballots in the mail the first day allowed, which is June 4. If you do not receive a ballot shortly after that date and you feel you should have, you are either Inactive-Returned Mail status, registered as Unaffiliated or have not updated your voter record to reflect your current mailing address.

You will need to visit the Election’s Office to make the proper change and be issued a ballot.

Booths will be set up in case a voter wishes to bring their ballot into the office to vote. Again, this is not Early Voting. This is a Mail Ballot election, so all ballots are mailed or, if picked up, will be in a Mail Ballot envelope. The ballot you receive in the mail will be your only ballot. This is the ballot you will be voting, so do not destroy it thinking you have the choice of either voting that ballot or visiting the Election’s Office on Election Day to vote. You would then be required to fill out a replacement request and be issued a replacement ballot.

Right now, there will be a Democratic and Republican ballot, maybe one for the American Constitution. You must be affiliated with one of those parties to receive a ballot.

If you are Unaffiliated, you may walk into the Election’s Office and affiliate with either party and receive that ballot. If you wish to stay Unaffiliated, you will need to make that change after the election is over.

Whether you need to change your party or mailing address, you may do so by going to Make sure you go all the way through the process and the change will be sent to us for updating. You may also visit the Election’s Office to make any changes.

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