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‘Community Dance Nights’ in April

Come learn how fun it is to be square every Monday in April with Pagosa’s very own High Country Square Dance Club.

During this “Community Dance Night” from 6 to 7 p.m., our caller, Lloyd Husted, will lead new dancers through a varied program of easy steps and patterns set to lively music.

No previous dance experience is necessary, and children are invited to join in, as well — minimum suggested age is 7 years. Community Dance Nights in April are held at the PLPOA Clubhouse at 230 Port Ave.

Modern Western Square Dance retains its roots in the American tradition. By learning a few steps, or calls, you will be carrying on that wonderful dance lineage handed down by our pioneer ancestors. In Pagosa Springs and other local mountain communities, square dance is alive and well and enjoyed by those who like to get up and move in a joyous fashion. It is wonderful exercise for the body and mind. If you can walk at a brisk pace, you can square dance. Square dancing is sociable and just plain fun. It involves a social component that solitary fitness endeavors do not. You are given the opportunity to develop strong social ties which contribute to self-esteem and a positive outlook. Many people have made lifelong friends at square dances. And you’ll find that some married couples first met at a square dance. Cultural background does not make a difference. In fact, square dancing breaks down many barriers between cultures. And talking about fun ... just ask any square dancer how much fun they have.

The superstars of square dance are the callers. They entertain us with their improvised patter, their singing and their stage personalities. During the Community Dance Nights you will meet our very own caller Lloyd Husted, who is from Farmington, N.M., where he calls regularly for the Enchanted Dancers of Farmington. Lloyd loves to introduce novice dancers to square dancing in one fun-filled hour of dance activity. He is an imaginative and exciting dance instructor with decades of experience in doing community mixers and party night dances. Members of the High Country Squares will also demonstrate their dancing skills during a demonstration.

We invite anyone in the community to attend this super-easy introduction to Modern Western Square Dance with our caller Lloyd Husted. Come on down and learn a few simple steps, have lots of fun and socialize over refreshments with our very friendly bunch here in Pagosa Springs.

Families are encouraged to attend, with a minimum age of 7 for children wishing to participate.

Adult admission is $3 and children 18 and under are admitted for free.

The first dance in this series will be held on Monday,. April 2, at 6 p.m.

The Open Community Dancing will be followed by followed by the club’s regular Mainstream and Plus dancing from 7 to 9 p.m.

The High Country Squares offers weekly dances, regional dances and a wonderful sense of community for local and visiting dancers.

Contact Lorna at 731-5525 for more information.

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