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Potato bar fund-raiser for new missionaries

This coming Sunday, March 18, CrossRoad Christian Fellowship will host an enjoyable fund-raiser for two future missionaries; preparing for a new life in Kenya, Africa.

It is understandable; many Pagosa Country residents would like to know what a potato bar is. 

It’s simple and quite enjoyable. 

CrossRoad Christian Fellowship provides a very large number of potatoes, freshly cooked. You are provided all the condiments that you can grab to create the perfect potato delight.  A potato bar meets the appetites of everyone.  For those watching their weight, fix a potato any way you like; tailor it just for you.  For those who really enjoy a “sit-down” with potatoes galore, fill your plate and then some.  Pack on the condiments of your choice; sit back and devour your “creation.” Dessert will also be served.

How much will this fun cost?  That’s up to you; it’s your decision.  There isn’t a set price; it is by donations only.  Your donation to these future missionaries does not limit your plate volume at the potato bar.  Give what God puts on your heart and enjoy two hours of fun, starting at noon.

Who are these future missionaries?  They are Corey and Tiffany Carey.  Tiffany is the daughter of Curt and Lynell Wiggers.  Curt is the pastor of CrossRoad Christian Fellowship.

Five years ago Corey and Tiffany spent two weeks in South Africa serving at an orphanage.  It wasn’t but hours; they were in love with the African people and were deeply moved by their many critical needs.  Both Corey and Tiffany found it very hard to return home.  Before returning home, there was much prayer in the Carey family. They have felt that God has told them to return to Africa.

Last year, Corey had the opportunity to visit Kijabe, Kenya. One of his stops was at Rift Valley Academy (RVA).  He could see a serious need before him.  Many missionaries today have young families.  Young children need to continue their education and remain close to their parents. 

RVA is a Christian boarding school located in central Kenya.  The academy, a branch of Africa Inland Mission International, exists to provide a nurturing environment for school of these children.  The Careys have been called to become dorm parents to the diverse student body. 

With over 100 years of rich history, RVA has played an instrumental role in the lives of countless children of missionaries.  The current student body, of about 450 children, includes more than 20 different nationalities, with families of these students serving in over 20 African countries.  The program at RVA is designed to give students a home away from home, including fostering spiritual growth, nurturing, providing love and security as an extension of family, and providing guidance, correction, and counseling.

It is the goal of Corey and Tiffany is to be in Kenya by July 2012.  Why did they choose RVA?  There are approximately 3,000 different people groups in Africa; 900 of them have no church planted among them or adequate medical assistance.  Corey and Tiffany want to be a helping hand in correcting that situation.

Won’t you assist us as we assist them? 

CrossRoad Christian Fellowship is located at 1044 Park Ave. (next to the PLPOA recreation center).  An R.S.V.P. would be greatly appreciated by Curt and Lynell Wiggers.  This way, they can be better prepared to provide you with the number of potatoes needed.  Please contact them at 731-4405 or  

Who says that helping can’t be fun at the same time?  We hope to see you there. 

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