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Where was I when everyone was bonding?


“I’m coming, darling!”

I was in front of my computer when I heard those words.

Al ran to see what our daughter needed and I immediately opened Word and started typing the next Artist’s Lane article. “Where was I when everyone was bonding?”

I was here, writing about it!

The three of us, Sweet Al, our daughter and I went out the other night to a wonderful event. One of the people who put the event together commented that they thought it was so cute how Al and our daughter acted together. They were holding each other’s plate. She was helping her dad hang up his coat. They helped each other down the stairs and, when we left, Al put his coat around our daughter because she didn’t bring hers.

Where was I when they were bonding?

I was holding my own plate, helping myself down the stairs, hanging up my coat and enjoying all the beautiful art. I remembered my coat, after all it was the middle of winter. Am I missing something here? Is it family caring? Enabling? Or bonding?

He starts her car every morning and cooks her breakfast.

He worries that she might be late to work.

She stops and gets him a “Happy Hour Grape Slush.”

Everyone is happy.

I am thinking a little too much Happy Hour for me. If they were stopping for a good cup of coffee, I might feel like I was missing out.

Do I need to get into the middle of all this, or adjust my thinking?

The family says I’m the one who needs to get out and have a life.

Oh, me! Maybe I need to get involved.

Al and our son-in-law have a Sunday night bonding time over NASCAR. Al told me I needed to see Kurt Bush drive — he is known as “The Wild Thing.”

I watched the race; Bush was going 200 miles an hour, got bumped several times, was all over the track and got back into the race and won it.

I told Al, “Seeing this, I could get hooked on NASCAR.”

I never thought I would say that. I always thought it was just a bunch of cars going around the track. Maybe I should take time on Sunday and bond with Al and our son-in-law.

Do I need to show up for all the family’s fun?

Then, there is the dog situation.

Al and our daughter love their dogs. She calls from work to see if Daisy is happy and asks Al, “Did you give her a treat?”

He replies, “Yes, Darling, I have.”

A new puppy will be coming any day now. Al and our daughter are giddy, deciding on a name for this new puppy.

Everyone is having fun and I am writing about it.

All the family makes remarks about me always being on the computer. I use to always be at my easel painting until I found this new love, “writing.”

Some things are more fun writing about than participating in.

The final brushstroke: Everyone needs to be somewhere. They are doing what they love, and I am doing what I love. It’s all about family and good stories to write about.

Artist’s quote

“We gain true understanding of purpose when we discover that we weren’t created for our own pleasures, but for the benefit of others.”

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