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Cards of Thanks


Thank you, Pagosa Springs! My name is Jenelle Syverson and my house caught on fire in January. The support the community has shown is beyond heartwarming. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of the businesses, groups, clubs, organizations, congregations, the fire department, and all the individuals that offered help and support. While we have not even started rebuilding, we are still well cared for and cannot say thank you enough to all those who have helped do so. If anyone would like an update or to introduce themself, I work at The Choke Cherry Tree and would love to meet you in person, so please stop in. Again, thank you for giving me and my son another reason to love calling Pagosa Springs home.


We certainly raised the roof and “Kicked Up Our Heels,” thanks to the performers at the Seeds of Learning fund-raiser held March 3 at the community center here in Pagosa. Mucho thanks to our dancers who put in many hours to bring a night of professional entertainment to the event, dancing choreographed numbers to tunes from “Footloose” to “Ease on Down the Road.” My endless thanks to Sierra Hewett, Leslie Baughmann, Haley Hudson, Kitman Gill, Ryley Gardner, Laith Scherer, Eli Velasquez, Casey Crow and Ashley Brooks. Extra kudos to Michael Whiting, Dave Armbrecht and Tim Moore with their rendition of Chippendale Dancers; who, along with Ryley, Laith and Eli, brought down the house as the ladies could not resist. And to my wonderful group of “Flashmob” dancers who worked so hard on their dance number — it was great fun dancing with you. Finally, hugs to Dee McPeek for giving me the opportunity.

Dale Johnson

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