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Obituary-Garrett Wayne Carothers

On Feb. 2, 1994, the world was blessed with the arrival of Garrett Wayne Carothers. Garrett was born in Indio, Calif., to Rick and Cindy Carothers. Garrett lived as a toddler with his parents and two older brothers Ryan and Dalton. At the age of three, Garrett and his family moved to Colorado and made their home in Pagosa Springs where he lived and went to school until the seventh grade.

Garrett was never afraid of death. He had his first encounter with God when he was 8 years old. Garrett was nearly mauled to death by pit bulls. Garrett went through 32 hours, and five extensive surgeries to put him back together. Garrett went to Heaven the day he was attacked and God spoke to him, and let him know he had a place for him in Heaven, but he wasn’t ready for Garrett yet. Garrett came out of surgery with words that will forever inspire us. He told his family about the conversation he had with God and that he saw Heaven and how everything up there glistens. Garrett said that Heaven was a beautiful place and he was happy there. He was mad that he had to leave. Garrett touched the hearts of so many people through his strength, courage and vivacious attitude.

Garrett (also known as Larry or G-Man), moved to Redvale with his parents when he was in the eighth grade. Garrett attended school in Norwood. Despite all of his injuries and scars, Garrett never felt sorry for himself. Garrett was a very kind and generous person and wanted to share his happiness with everyone around him. Garrett loved life and lived his life to the fullest. Garrett was an inspiration to people young and old alike. He had a charm about him people were naturally drawn to. He woke up every day with a smile on his face. If you were fortunate enough to be around Garrett, you would for sure be entertained and leave with a new outlook on life.

Garrett’s favorite pastime was dirt bike riding, snowmobiling and hanging out with his amigos, Dylan and Weston, as well as hanging out with “The Lunch Bunch.” Garrett never wanted people to worry about him. He always said, “If I die doing what I love, I died happy and with a smile on my face.” Garrett’s famous words to his parents were, “Let me Live.”

Garrett left this world doing what he loved. He will be dearly missed, but never forgotten. Garrett is survived by his parents Rick and Cindy Carothers, brothers Ryan (Jamie) and Dalton. Grandparents Lee Sutherland (Tammy), Joyce Sutherland, Elinor Hagan and Jacki Carothers. Aunts and uncles, Patty (Marc) Geer, Bo Sutherland, Bobbie (Rusty) Calhoun, Dana (Eric) Souther, Dustin (Lisa) Sutherland, Brad (Jen) Stanley, Mike (Becky) Carothers, Jess (Desse) Carothers, and Deanna (Dale) Hockett and numerous cousins and friends.

Garrett is preceded in death by his Grandpa, Chuck Carothers.

A scholarship fund in honor of Garrett Wayne Carothers has been set up at US Bank in Norwood.

Memorial services for Garrett have been scheduled for Monday, March 12, 2012, at 2 p.m. at the Norwood High School.

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