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FAMA students attend Colorado Creative Careers Festival

Creativity is like a wildfire: once a flame is lit it spreads rapidly and immerses its surroundings in its path.

Though creativity is comparable to a conflagration, the idea of creativity being spread is not only inspiring, but necessary.

FAMA (Fine Arts Magnet Academy) students at Pagosa Springs High School recently attended an all-day conference for careers in the arts. The Creative Careers Conference was held on the Auraria Campus in Denver.

As the day ran its course, the FAMA students immersed themselves in the possibilities of following the path toward their creative careers.

The idea of how important and vital the arts are to our community and our world was brought to reality by the professors and guest speakers at this event.

The high school group of selected students represented our small town of Pagosa Springs with dignity and poise. The community should be proud that the youth of our world have such high aspirations.

What each of the FAMA students took out of the workshop varied, yet they each left with the encouragement that they can pursue their dreams. This conference enlightened our students and verified the importance of the arts, keeping creativity alive in our world.

The students in attendance were Brandon Clark, Tyler Fearon, Amber Goldberg, Elliott Harwood, Hayley Hudson, Samantha Hunts, Dylan Koch, Charisse Morris, Laith Scherer and Rowan Taylor. Teachers Bob Hemenger and Darcy DeGuise also attended. The trip was sponsored by a StART grant from Colorado Creative Industries.

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