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Red Cross begins 2012 volunteer recruitment drive

The American Red Cross Southwest Colorado Chapter will begin a Volunteer Recruitment Drive on Thursday, Feb. 23, with a general orientation and training meeting at the Ross Aragon Community Center at 6:30 p.m.

Job-specific training will take place in the following weeks in Pagosa for various functions in the American Red Cross.

If you have an interest in serving your community as a Disaster Assistance Team member, with logistics, in public affairs, evacuation center management, fund-raising, administration, or in any other area, you should attend this meeting. All training will be provided by the American Red Cross at no charge and you can begin serving immediately.

The American Red Cross has a long and proud history of serving Americans in time of great need. The Southwest Colorado Chapter of the American Red Cross responds to about 25-30 house fires each year over five counties, providing emergency funds and short-term housing for the victims of these fires. In the case of emergencies such as large wild land fires, evacuation centers and shelters are set up for families who are displaced from their homes. In the case of mass casualty emergencies such as airplane crashes, the American Red Cross acts as the liaison between the airline, airport, emergency agencies and the families of passengers. In the case of emergencies within the family of military personnel, the American Red Cross acts as liaison between the family and the military. The American Red Cross also provides various services for public functions, when needed.

For more information about serving your community by volunteering with the American Red Cross, visit

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