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Southwest Light and Learning presents ‘Water, The Great Mystery’

“Water, the Great Mystery” will forever change the way you think about water.   Come and discover how you can use this new and life changing knowledge to improve your life.

Brought to you by the makers of “What the Bleep Do We Know,” this powerful movie travels the globe to reveal recent discoveries about water; the most amazing yet least studied substance in the world. Witness as researchers, scientists, philosophers and theologians share new knowledge and insights into this unique liquid and all its miraculous properties still waiting to be discovered.  These new understandings about water can transform your life.

Do you know that:

• If water has memory, and its main component is hydrogen, then the whole universe would have memory.

• Water records and stores information. We can see that science has made a quantum leap into understanding how mind can be recorded by the most simple element in nature (water) and on the periodic table: H20.

• Water senses human emotions and reacts to them.

• Water is able to communicate at a distance.

• A prayer can turn bad water into good.

This beautiful film is educational, inspiring and important. It reveals the mysteries and miracles of water.

Come to the Pagosa Lodge at 7 p.m. Feb. 15 and find out how water can transform your life.

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