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State to provide entrepreneurship training in renewable energy, energy efficiency fields

A State Energy Sector Partnership (SESP) Grant has been awarded to the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment to provide entrepreneurship training for unemployed Coloradans looking to start new businesses in energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy (RE).

The State will provide funding for business startup and development training, as well as consulting from top professionals to aspiring new entrepreneurs in the RE and EE fields during 2012.

Are you unemployed? Do you have an idea for a business in energy efficiency or renewable energy? Would you like help to finalize your business plan and locate potential investors?

This five-day training opportunity plus mentoring will help you complete your business plan and get started in your own business.

• Day 1 Curriculum/Legal Basics:

Company creation and forms, types of business entities, licenses, name selection, legal filings and compliance, trademark applications, patent application and intellectual property creation, technology transfer, industry-specific concerns, governance including boards of directors and advisors, rental agreements, lease agreements, employee contracts, vendor contracts and supply chain development, permits and zoning, franchising and other forms of corporate existence, banking requirements, hiring requirements including immigration items, how to hire lawyers, accountants and professional service firms, payroll administration, financial relations between the owner and company, buying vs. starting a business analysis, mentoring and consultation by industry experts, tailoring your legal plan.

• Day 2 Curriculum/General Business:

Mission/vision statements, product and market definition, competitive analysis, defining value proposition, presentation skills and formats, business plan development, strategic plan development, job descriptions, product and technical evaluation, long term viability and potential sustainability of the business, leadership, team building, delegation, industry engagement, industry trends analysis, skills requirements for positions in the firms, hiring practices, employee evaluation practices, project management, employee engagement, scorecards and data collection and analysis for managing the company, mentoring and consultation by industry experts, tailoring your business plan, and scorecards, data collection, and analysis for managing the company.

• Day 3 Curriculum/Finance:

Accounting principles and basics, loan applications, grant applications, linking up with investors, creating a detailed financial model/plan, cost estimation procedures, budgeting, spreadsheets and their utility, valuing a customer, valuing a business, valuing a strategic partner, risk analysis, insurance, liability analysis, rent vs. own analysis, return on investment analytical methods, accounts payables management, accounts receivables management, credit cards, online payment systems, overhead analysis, pricing as a function of cost or value, balance sheets, profit and loss sheets, costs and revenue projections, reserves, personal guarantees of loans, budget for the board of directors, mentoring and consultation by industry experts, tailoring your financial plan.

• Day 4 Curriculum/Marketing:

Using social media, earned vs. bought media, advertising, marketing, public relations, sales systems, employees vs. independent contractors, Google word tests, setting and evaluating advertising, marketing, public relations and sales budgets, go-to-market strategies, defining market size, preferred target segments, pricing of products and services, data to be used in decision making, channel development and management, strategic alliances, potential for cause-related marketing, use of video, Twitter, Facebook,, Linked-In strategies, associations and their cost/benefit, selling to the government, selling internationally, managing a sales force, branding and brand audits, measuring customer satisfaction, building the reputation, achieving market domination, securing customer feedback, mentoring and consultation by industry experts, tailoring your marketing plan.

• Day 5 Curriculum/Administration and Business Operations:

Systems approach to business operations, developing growth plans, developing succession plans, developing innovation trajectory for your company, developing economies of scale, competitive intelligence, business intelligence, surveying your workforce, surveying your customers, developing data bases, data mining for value, refining role definitions/job descriptions, maintaining banking relationships, maintaining investor relationships, developing and maintaining ethical practices, holding employees accountable, quality assurance for products and services, packaging your products and services, maintaining competitive advantage, pledging collateral to increase leverage of assets, use of experts and consultants — do’s and don’ts, mentoring and consultation by industry experts, tailoring your administration plan.

If you know someone who is unemployed who might be a potential candidate for entrepreneurship training please contact us right away. Candidates will need to complete an application and provide documentation evidence of their eligibility to Colorado Dept. of Labor and Employment before being officially enrolled.

To receive additional information or begin the application process, e-mail or call:

• Mark Palmer, Verdant Management and Consulting, LLC,, (720) 854-8021.

• Becky English, The LEEEGH,, (303) 733-4064.

Funding for this Project is provided with American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 grant funds awarded by the U. S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration. One-hundred percent of the total cost of this project is financed with Federal money. You may be contacted as part of the contract monitoring process to ensure that Federal and State tax dollars are spent properly.

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