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Tebow Time — time for a role model

My Sweet Al thought he would have just enough time  between  the end of the fourth quarter and the overtime.

In that flash of a moment he could hear us screaming, laughing and high fiving! Al came running out of the bathroom trying to pull up his britches and getting his belt buckled. Talk about quick …

You knew it was coming, you just didn’t know when!

This morning everyone was talking about Tim Tebow. I wrote this article during the holidays when Tebow’s losses were evident, and they whispered of replacing Tebow with Quinn for the Steelers’ game.

After the Steelers’ game, Tebow was the hero again, and the Broncos would have another game in the playoffs. Regardless of the outcome, you could be sure Tebow would be the hero, or be replaceable.

I began following Tebow when he played for the Florida Gators and wore scripture verses in black on his face. At that time, my grandson decorated his room blue and orange and hung Gator posters. Now he has added posters of Tebow and the Broncos.

I really, really want the Denver Broncos to win, and I pray they do. My family rolls their eyes when I pray for Tim Tebow before, during and after the game. I tell them I pray for his uncompromising character. If he fell in the eyes of the young people who have their hopes on him, he would do a lot of damage.

He is the first role model I have seen in a long time who has the courage to stand for his convictions. He is living his life in front of young people, on and off the football field. He is getting a lot of hits and adoration in both places.

I listened to a sportscaster on television. He showed clips of Tebow, instead of warming up before the game, Tebow visits with the children on the sideline. They are there because of “Make a Wish Foundation.” The announcer said because of this, he was a fan and Tebow was an athlete who “got it.”

He also asked Tebow about his perspective on football. Tebow said, “Football is just football, there is more; it is a means to build a hospital in the Philippines.”

My son works in the Philippines and says there is a lot of buzz about Tebow there,and the public hospitals are horrible. The conditions are terrible at best. If Tebow’s money is building a hospital and is helping others get well, who can fault him? He’s not buying drugs, abusing women and being glamorized for it in the Pretty People magazines. 

After the Steelers game, players from both teams camein a circle and prayed together. I say, “Amen.” My son-in-law said they have done this for a long time, but television didn’t pick it up until now. It pumps up the ratings.

I tape the John Elway Show every Monday night and watch it. Elway has been downplaying Tebow, and I yell at him from my chair and shake my finger at the forty-six inch television set Al insisted on for our bedroom. My son-in-law says, “Elway is managing a team not just a quarterback.” But I tell my son-in-law John Elway needs to say his prayers every night and thank God for Tebow. Not only is Tebow leading the team in wins (well, a few losses, too); he is a young man of conviction and character, and the bonus is that  he is selling millions of dollars of T-shirts, posters and key chains for the team.

The powers-to-be told Tebow he couldn’t play quarterback. He would be better playing some other position. He said, “No, I will go with whoever sees my strength and where I can be a quarterback.”

I am thankful the Denver Broncos had enough foresight to have signed him. He knew how and who he is. He picked an agent who valued his character and his conviction as a quarterback. He didn’t let the leaders in the football industry tell him who he could be.

They say he isn’t the best quarterback, and they are right, at the moment. He is a young rookie, and I agree he is a little rough around the edges. But think on this: teams are changing their playbooks because of this young left-handed quarterback who isn’t afraid to run with the ball and take the hits.

We haven’t stopped laughing at sweet Al who missed it the first time around, and I am still reliving that quick overtime play with the Steelers. I look at this young man’s character and thank the Lord he has the conviction and commitment to stand for what he believes. Because of this, he is making a difference. This is my two cents.  

Final brushstroke: Tim Tebow is a role model, not only for our grandsons, but for many young men. Maybe their lives will be spared from heartaches and tragedy by having a role model like Tim Tebow. He is not my idol, just my hero.

Artist’s quote

“The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving.” Albert Einstein, physicist.

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