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The Miracle on Ice ... again

“Dere’s a place dat I go

When de world’s deep in snow

Buy some bait, grab my pole

Head out to de wishing hole.”

This is the opening solo of the new hit show at the Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts — “Guys on Ice.”

Playing to sold-out audiences last weekend, this show, brought to you by Thingamajig Theatre Company, depicts the life of Wisconsin fishermen Marvin and Lloyd as they wait in their ice fishing shanty for the famed Cubby Kvernen — a cable TV fishing guide.

This is the last weekend of performances, so buy your tickets early. Seats are being filled left and right, so make sure you are sitting in one of them.

The last three performances of the show are at 7 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 27, and Saturday, Jan. 28, with a 2 p.m. matinee on Sunday, Jan. 29.

Tickets are $25 at the door or $18 if you reserve ahead of time. Call today at 731-SHOW or buy your tickets online at

In the lull, the fishermen idly chat, joke and dream about women, fish and beer.

“Dis is how it is,” remarks Marvin in the opening lines. There is no fluff or flourish in the reality of life in the shanty, and nothing is tied up with a bow, so to speak. The shanty has Packers paraphernalia haphazardly flung all over the walls, Leinenkugel beer cans strewn about and a decidedly man-caveish appearance overall. It is the perfect backdrop for two guys ice fishing to stage their show.

Tim Moore stars as Marvin in this musical comedy. Marvin dreams of one day sweeping Bonnie from the Pick n’ Save off her feet and carrying her away to a Packers’ game to tailgate. At the time of the show, Marvin is working in a dead-end job where he’s been for over 10 years. Ice fishing and beer are his saving graces, along with the constant friendship of Lloyd, his ice fishing buddy.

Lloyd, played by Brooks Lindner, is not the brightest match in the box. He is dealing with marital troubles, due to the fact that he told his wife he loves the Packers more than her, seeing as he’s been following them for 30 years and her for only seven. Marvin is his best bud, for whom he would do anything. A little rival jealousy in the beginning about TV stardom presents hardly an obstacle because of their friendship.

Ernie the Moocher. What can be said in regard to Ernie? He steals the show with his untimely interruptions into the lives of Marvin and Lloyd. Despite his annoying disposition, you can’t help but love the character brought to life by Robin Hebert. Although not an integral part of the show, Ernie’s antics are definitely something to look forward to.

Something rather unexpected in the show is the amount of musical flair Sue Anderson, local pianist and music director, provides as she accompanies the guys in their tunes. She is an indispensable talent, and the cast members have loved having the opportunity to work with her.

Hebert brings his trombone to the stage as Ernie the Moocher and plays a few odes that possess a distinct Ernie elegance. Lindner offers a short melody on his harmonica, as well as a stint on the tambourine, to round out the show.

All of this is spectacularly featured in “Guys on Ice.” But, ultimately the reason you will love this show, is the simple fact that “da guys on da ice” will make you laugh again and again and again.

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