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Matters of the Art: The Empty Bowls Event

The Empty Bowls Event will take place 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 28, at the Pagosa Springs Elementary School.

Don’t miss this special event.

How it works

Select from over 200 original handcrafted bowls, and sample delicious soups and breads, the meal organized by Joanne Irons. Listen to music by elementary school students, under the direction of Lisa Hartley. All for only $10.

Proceeds from your donation ($10 minimum per bowl — four bowl limit per person) will benefit food pantries in the Pagosa area.

The bowls are to be taken home as a reminder that someone’s bowl is always empty.

Purchasers are asked to keep their bowl as a reminder of the meal’s purpose. Every time a person takes a bowl from a cupboard, they will be reminded that someone’s bowl is always empty, and they helped alleviate hunger.

Bowls for the event, made with the help of art teacher Tessie Garcia, were handcrafted by Pagosa Springs students, community members, local potters and other artists.

Making bowls and playing with clay during this project are fun, but this also raises awareness and educates students and community about hungry people.

Empty Bowls is also the celebration of the arts. There are many hours that go into this event, from making bowls to the glazing and firing of the bowls. The money generated for the sale goes to our local food banks. Each piece is beautiful and represents so much. Each bowl is lead-free and food-safe.

A special silent auction, organized by Carrie Gruver, will take place during the event, and will include various artworks and many items from our local businesses.

Come and get a bowl, enjoy a meal and share a table with other folks. It is an awesome experience.

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