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4-H offers recycling to the county

Keeping batteries and cans out of the landfills, reusing some materials that went into making them, and cutting pollution is the goal of 4-H with the recycling programs they offer.

Archuleta County 4-H offers opportunities for everyone in the community to recycle aluminum cans and rechargeable batteries.

There are seven sites around the county to deposit your rechargeable batteries, and aluminum cans can be brought to the Extension Office any time, at your convenience, and placed in the recycling location on the south side of the building in the corner adjacent to the building’s south entrance.

The 4-H Club Wolf Creek Wonders began the program to recycle rechargeable batteries in October. Over 3 billion batteries are bought every year in America; that’s 10 batteries per person, and that includes babies. The chemicals in the batteries are highly toxic to our environment and the living things on our planet.

Rechargeable batteries are made from a variety of chemicals to give them power. Some of these chemicals, such as nickel-cadmium, lithium ion, nickel metal hydride, mercury and lead are extremely toxic and can cause damage to humans and the environment. In particular, they can cause soil and water pollution and endanger wildlife. For example, damage to the microorganisms in the soil can alter the breakdown of organic matter. Fish are affected, which reduces their numbers and makes them unfit for human consumption.

Boxes in which to dispose of your recycled batteries can be found in seven locations: Ace Hardware, AT&T, Ponderosa Lumber, Radio Shack, Sisson Library, Verizon and Wyndam Resorts. Look for a small brown box that has signs for recycling. Drop your recyclable items in the box and 4-H members will collect them monthly.

Thanks go to the businesses for allowing the collection boxes to be placed at these locations.

Collected batteries are individually bagged by 4-H members and put into a shipping container and mailed to Call2Recycle, which processed the batteries in compliance with U.S. Department of Transportation safety procedures.

Some of the cell phones that are received are recycled through the “Cell Phones for Soldiers” program, which distributes recycled phones to help our heroes call home.

All local 4-H clubs have been recycling aluminum cans for years. Cans that are collected are taken to City Market and exchanged at the aluminum recycling price. The six 4-H clubs rotate on a monthly basis, taking the cans uptown. The money received from the recycling center is put into the 4-H Council treasury for the benefit of the entire 4-H program.

Both recycling services are offered year-round and we encourage all residents of the county to bring rechargeable batteries and aluminum cans to the designated locations. Help 4-H and help your environment.

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